Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrate like you were born on the 4th of July

July 4, 2013

Written a few years ago, reposting with minor edits...

freedom - some things never go out of style
Liberty will not descend to a people; a people must raise themselves to liberty; it is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed.
-- Charles Caleb Colton

Some say this country was born on the 4th of July... but it was born long before that, in the hearts and minds of visionary men who would be free or die...

Some say Independence Day is just another gaudy American holiday... but it is also a celebration of respectful remembrance for those engineers of freedom who created our Republic and still others who defended and purchased that freedom with their precious lives...

Some say the Spirit of Liberty is waning in the USA... but I see Ol' Glory waving proudly in the hands of patriots on street corners, flying from front porches and fence posts, business fronts, streaming from motorcycles and other vehicles, pinned to lapels and parading on the backs of real Americans...

Some say our children care nothing for our proud history... but I say they learn what they live and they will live what they know - if you teach them American values so they know with certainty what is real and true and honorable...

Some say our days of excellence and distinction in the USA are done and we need something new... even though that something new is something less... but do not believe it... vainglorious words and hollow promises that drip from the mouths of corrupt men and women temporarily in seats of power should fall on deaf ears... they will, in time be rendered irrelevant...

Some say it is time for a change... but it is the American way to reject those who seek to enslave the citizenry with sly rhetoric and pretentious policy in the name of a brand of politics that conflicts with the tried and true law of the land and does not represent the core values and morals of the American PEOPLE...

I was raised to believe in the power and strength of the USA. I learned the might that built this country came from sweat and strong backs, blood and determination, energy and innovation and finally, courage and conviction.

The United States of America was not born in a single day, or over the term of a single president.

The United States of America will not die in a single day, or over the term of a single president.

The land and the people are one. This country is THE PEOPLE. The people are THE COUNTRY. No politician or bureaucrat can undermine that which belongs inherently to the people - unless - the people allow it.

The Constitutional construct of One Nation - United - By the People - For the People - Liberty - Justice - Equality - Faith has seen us through many tough times in our nation's history. There is no reason to believe it will serve otherwise at this juncture. Our current challenges are no different than those of the past - tougher and grander in scale maybe - but not insurmountable.

I carry with me an ingrained sense of liberty and justice. In my head swim the words of our founding fathers ringing with integrity and honor. In my heart an unwavering pride beats for love of country. I have a deep and abiding reverence for veterans who served this country with honor earning little appreciation. My soul prays for the lives of young patriots who spill their blood and innocence so that we may live freely, speak freely, dissent freely, even die freely.

As flags flutter in the breeze and fireworks light the night skies... every citizen should examine why they call themselves a Proud American on Independence Day. Every citizen should share why they feel that way today with a young person, your child, your grandchildren, the neighbor kids and so on... Every proud-for-a-day American should ask themselves, why is this not so every day?

I think today - every citizen - every man, woman, child should celebrate the 4th of July like they were born on the 4th of July. I think every citizen should vow to be the best American they can be from this day forward... I think every citizen should take a moment to be grateful they stand on free soil... more importantly, one should acknowledge with high regard the people, the laws, the liberties -- all American principles that make possible the ability to do that very thing... stand on free soil. And remind the children why this is so.

The greatest glory of a free-born people is to transmit that freedom to their children. -- William Harvard

Someone did the work of liberty before us... some sacrificed more than their due for the freedoms we enjoy... Who will preserve these things for our children if we do not? Not the greedy government - No. Not the slimy politicians - No. Not the bumptious bureaucrats - No. Not holier-than-thou Hollywood - are you kidding me? - No. Not the mindlessly-maligned-media - No. Not over-the-hill sports figures - No. Not indoctrinated educators - No. Not the radically ridiculous rulers of other countries - NO! This burden is upon the people and the people should be proud to bear that burden. We the People. All of US. Not some of us.

Here's a plan for after the BBQ and the picnics and the fireworks:

We the people need to clean house. Those in power who fail to honor their oath of office or who stand in the way of individual freedom and fail to defend and preserve the Constitutional law of the land should promptly be removed from power - permanently - and good riddance. The only real reform needed in the United States of America is government reform and I say we start with perks and paychecks and positions. The only fundamental change needed in the United States of America should begin and end in DC and I say we start at the voting booth and send most of them packing, those that survive the cut should go home and get in touch with the reality of their constituency.

We the People need to roll up our sleeves and get back to work - the important work of preserving this country for ourselves and future generations. We do not need government assistance or legislation to do what is right by this country, ourselves and our children.

We the People need to teach our children that the United States of America was built by people just like them, not government, not politicians and blow-hard bureaucrats. Perhaps, by teaching them many of us will discover a renewed love and respect for this great nation. When you see a child, hand over heart recite the Pledge of Allegiance that is the picture of real hope.

Fair Warning: Those able citizens not willing to do an honest day of work to provide for themselves and their offspring should find another meal ticket. The free ride is over. If you want more out of your life - get busy and do something about it.

Fair Warning: Those persons of dubious legal character and nationality freeloading on our system of laws and entitlements should go home - wherever that is - the same way they got here. Take your kids, your Grandma and your flag with you. Last I heard - the borders are still open and despite the rumor in DC, the door swings both ways. Watch your disrespectful butt as you exit MY COUNTRY.

Sure we have unemployment. There's a reason we have unemployment. The same people responsible for causing the problem are the same people providing the discouraging figures and telling you they understand your plight while they write policies that kill jobs, while they flit around the world in grand style wasting America's dollars, while they suck the dollars right out of your pocket and give it to other countries and other peoples and lest we forget, themselves. Why do we trust them?

Americans have pulled themselves up by the boot straps during times of crisis before. The indomitable American spirit of individualism has conquered wayward government and righted this country's path before. We have fought wars on our homefront as well as abroad and we have survived. We can do it again. We must do it again. It won't be easy, (where's the fun in easy?), but it is necessary to our survival as a free people and the continuance of all that is worthy of our labor and allegiance.

I am talking about working for the United States of America and individual freedom - the give-me-liberty-or-give-me-death kind of work - at whatever cost... BLOOD... SWEAT... TEARS... SACRIFICE...


P.S. If you find the American flag offensive... If you find the words to the American National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance repugnant... If you refuse to learn and speak the American (that would be English) language... If out of ignorance or rebellion you disobey the laws of the land... If you disdain the soldiers and civil servants who bravely and willingly serve this country at their own peril... If you snarl with contempt at displays of American Patriotism... If you find yourself at odds with the founding principles of INDIVIDUAL freedom, liberty, equality, and justice for all in America... If you cannot reconcile your supercilious liberalism to coincide with what the United States stands for at home and abroad... If you are a slave to your ethnicity you are hereby advised Hyphenated-Americanism is a thing of the past - you either get all in or get all out... If you want to become an American, fine, come through the front door, get a job, learn the language and start paying taxes... and welcome... If you are not 100% American and proud of it -- Don't apologize... just leave... I don't care what your rank and status is... I don't care what your ethnicity and race is... this 100% American says... If you are not willing to integrate and become a part of the whole... If you are not willing to get your hands dirty preserving American freedom... If you cannot wrap your mind around the Constitution and the Bill of Rights... If you do not like the laws of the United States of America -- TOUGH - find some place else to live - you do not belong here.

Thomas Jefferson said, On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock. Patriotism is not seasonal... red, white and blue is always in fashion. Despite those chipping away at the foundation, this country is based on a system of principles that have withstood the test of time. Let us not abandon them now. I leave you with the reason we are a bunch of flag wavers today - it is called the Declaration of Independence and it begins with the following words.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Happy Independence Day Americans! Party On!
-- Dissident Daughter

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