Friday, June 21, 2013

The Cult of Eroding Values

June 21, 2013

The deterioration of a government begins almost always by the decay of its principles. --Charles de Montesquieu

The government of the United States is decaying under an elitist leadership that does not care about or understand the common American. The ubiquitous powers-that-be preach and lecture and disdain us into compliance with their will. Far worse than any hellfire and damnation preacher are the scare tactics they employ. The difference is a hellfire preacher is out to save souls from ruination not serve up Kool-Aid for the noncompliant.

THEY believe it is their prerogative to tell us how to behave, how and what to think, what to eat, what to believe, what to read, watch and listen to, how tolerant of others we should or should not be. They shake their heads from side-to-side and wag the no-no finger at us like we are a bunch of recalcitrant children. They take our words and redefine them. They take our history and revise it. They encourage children to disregard parents. They challenge our morals and sneer at what they call an archaic system of values. They decry our principles and disregard our ethics. Disagree and they label us racist, sexist, anarchist, homophobic, violent, dangerous, criminal and deluded. This is Cultism 101.

What is wrong with this country is not to be blamed on the government mandated systematic dismantling of every principle upon which this country was founded they say. Uncooperative people, who refuse to get in their prescribed niche, stay there and shut up is what is wrong with this country they say. Some of us are just too American, too Christian, too conservative, too patriotic, too involved, too curious, too discriminating, too independent, too critical, too educated, too demanding, too outraged, too outspoken, too ambitious, too rich, too stubborn and too heavily armed.

We are too smart for our own good. We are too free for our own good. They say.

The slightest perceived offense is decried as persecution these days. It is a rallying theme for every special interest group in existence. It is my opinion people who cry foul at every juncture are more likely stricken with a huge inferiority complex rather than a malady derived from external influences.

However, in the case of the American people vs. the American government I believe persecution is a good call.

Our form of government is supposed to be representative of the people – of, by and for the people – in which case, government should reflect the morals, values, principles and ethics of the people. Right?

Most of us do not tolerate spying, stalking, deceit, disrespect, abuse, theft, extortion, censorship or other aberrant behavior in our formerly (thanks to the powers that be) private lives. This is called a value system. Most of us inherited our values and painstakingly pass them on to our children.

So why is blatant malfeasance tolerated from representatives of government? I might add, to our own detriment!

Arrogance, extravagance and elitism run rampant throughout all levels of government from the lowliest city official to the highest official in the land. We do not have a functioning government laboring over the concerns of the people. We have a let-them-eat-cake aristocracy flitting around trying to outdo, out-dress, out-snob the rest of the world’s snobs.

Is this culture of snobbery representative of the American majority?

Recent case in point: The first lady and her children are allegedly staying in a $3300/night hotel while vacationing in Ireland/Germany. What! Some argue the expense is ok because it is the first lady after all, and she’s keeping up appearances and all that. Europe is so expensive. What a bunch of malarkey! Even if a foreign country is picking up part of the tab -- is it possible to overlook the fact that the first lady does not travel coach or without a rather large entourage, who are no doubt necessarily housed nearby, probably right next door? The White House is closed to America’s school children and tourists, yet the president’s children are touring Ireland/Germany in grand style.

Unapologetic extravagance at the expense of others is not representative of main stream America. Is it?

THEY constantly expound upon the rich, calling American capitalists evil and greedy. Wall Street moguls rob investors of hard-earned money. Corporate America wines and dines on the profits of the many. They glower and fume and shout - the rich are corrupt, preying mercilessly upon the common, hard-working American. They demand the affluent be held accountable for flagrant abuse of power.

I agree. Accountability is always the appropriate corrective action required by good ol’ American values. Consider this. Is there an argument that negates the fact that the biggest investor group in this country is the American Taxpayer who will not likely ever realize a return on their dollar? Hypocritically-speaking, are not fat-cat bureaucrats wining and dining on the profits of the many, and preying mercilessly on hard-working American taxpayers?

What is worrisome is a vast number of American citizens seem unaware of the assault on tried and true Americanism even though we were promised fundamental change by the current cultist-in-chief. Even more worrisome is the idea that perhaps, a vast number of citizens are taking the easy road and simply realigning or rather maligning their values to accommodate our elitist cult-minded leadership.

Value erosion, demoralization and brainwashing of the masses are fundamental techniques employed by leadership in most forms of cultism which is in practice a base form of tyranny. How sad will be the awakening when the indoctrinated finally realize (if the ever do) our leaders are not royalty, they did not accede to seats of power by Divine Right and lo-and-behold - the mother ship is not coming.

This country is in deep peril… without due reverence for the founding principles of truth, justice, equality, humility, forthrightness, frugality, propriety and without due prudence, the American way of life will become just another piece of revisionist history in the hands of those who would rule by might rather than govern by law.

Fair Warning: I hold out scant hope for a mass awakening and reckoning before The Cult of Eroding Values breaks out the refreshments and serves up a lethal dose of Blastin’ Berry Cherry.

Sad will be the day when the American people forget their traditions and their history, and no longer remember that the country they love, the institutions they cherish, and the freedom they hope to preserve, were born from the throes of armed resistance to tyranny and nursed in the rugged arms of fearless men. -- Roger Sherman, signer of the Declaration of Independence

Respectfully yours in unfailing allegiance to the USA,
Dissident Daughter
Because: Silence is the most insidious form of consent

Source: Washington Times First Lady - Ritzy Digs

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