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Vickie's Corner 05/03/2013 - The Language of Tyranny

May 3, 2013
Colorado USA

Charley Presents Friday’s Edition Of ‘Vickie’s Corner’ – The Language of Tyranny
By Charley Barnes - May 3, 2013 3:32 PM

The billboard controversy coming out of Greeley rages on and fuels more debate on what is right or wrong and the political correctness of it all. I have again asked a friend of mine to share her thoughts this week on the subject not only because I love how she writes and puts thoughts on paper but she always speaks from the heart, with conviction and purpose. This may be my favorite piece she’s done; incredible.

In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness. --RGIII

Political correctness is the bane of our existence especially when applied to the righteous rhetoric of the day wherein words seem to carry more weight than their defined intent. One could fill a dictionary with hundreds of bogey-words, which were once mostly benign in nature. Use one of those words today and it is likely some self-appointed Bigot-Troll will come knocking. Inadvertent reference to ethnicity or gender may well brand one as racist or sexist. Prejudice is the charge following the mere mention of religion or the big bugaboo illegal immigration. Talk about firearms and one is immediately cast as a domestic terrorist. Something stinky and obstructive is always simmering in the pressure-cooker of a politically correct kitchen.

Minds poisoned by infringement mentality wage constant warfare on the freedom of expression and even threaten historical truths. Facetiously speaking, the practice of tolerance in this me-first-me-only world is outdated. We should banish anyone insisting upon it! Civility is nearly as outdated only because those who claim to be a proponent of it have rendered it senseless by abusing it. Sadly, tolerance and civility have no place in a politically correct setting.

Washington DC – Dare to shrug with indifference over the I-Am-Gay announcement (complete with the presidential seal of approval) from NBA player Jason Collins, a self-described conundrum; homosexual Christian - get labeled a bigot, sexist and racist.

Chicago IL – Choose to ignore the Collins announcement, get bigot-branded anyway as in the case of Bears linebacker Lance Briggs called out by Chicago Tribune columnist turned Bigot-Troll Rosenbloom for simply failing to comment.
  • Backatcha Bigot-Trolls - Individuals firm in their convictions and beliefs are by default – bigots, because opinion is never free of prejudice. Bigotry is a nasty little word that implies something far worse than it is. I have three words for those engaging in the liberal usage of the B-word - libel, defamation and slander.
Greeley CO - Billboards depicting Native Americans in vintage war regalia with the quote, Turn in your Arms – The Government Will Take Care of You apparently offends some Native Americans. I am baffled. The sign, hardly a fresh take on the subject, is obviously a political statement – the government cannot be trusted. It is about as true a depiction as one can get of the historic and tragic betrayal of Native Americans by their own government.
  • Backatcha Billboard Banishing Bullies – Blatant exploitation of special interest groups is now common practice, the standard set by none other than our current heads of state. Personally, I think it is about time we stop using hyphenated ethnicity as an excuse to claim offense over some dubiously imagined slight. At this stage of the game, other than the millions who are in the country illegally – most born here, raised here Americans are technically Native Americans. I certainly do not consider my Texas-born behind to be anything but 100% Native American.
Washington DC - A council member demands the Washington Redskins change their team name to something less racist and offensive – the unfortunate suggestion: Redtails has fans fuming. Redskins quarterback, Robert Griffin III, opposed to the name change answered with this eloquent statement - In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness.
  • Backatcha Mascot Maligners– I can add nothing more to that. Griffin is absolutely correct – back off!
Stone Mountain GA – An individual has petitioned to have a 400 foot tall carving depicting American Confederates Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson removed from the side of a mountain calling it a black eye on our culture.
  • Backatcha revisionist historians - The history and culture of any country is marked by black eyes and bloody lips. How else should we measure progress if not by the violent hallmarks of struggle and strife? Removing a monument of historic relevance does not eradicate the history it represents. Rather, such monuments stand as a testament to the tenacity of mankind. To use an old adage: What does not kill us; makes us stronger.
Quelling debate and manipulating the exchange of ideas is always the first move on a free society by proponents of tyranny. The best way to achieve that end is to demonize language, restrict speech, revise history and marginalize free expression. In Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, Rule #5 states: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating.

Americans are entitled to ridicule, ostracize and brow-beat anyone who rejects the socially acceptable behavior model of the day. It is not a black eye upon our culture to embrace unpopular opinion or express objectionable ideas. America is a good, bad and ugly melting pot overflowing with bruised and bloodied, belligerent bigots armed with a razor sharp tool called the first amendment. We unapologetically use and abuse it.

Free speech, from inception has always been under assault. It is only endangered when we indiscriminately pervert the language and abuse the right of ALL to employ it equally. Make no mistake, political correctness is the language of tyranny. Those who insist upon it are the enemies of truth and freedom. Perhaps it is time to take a step back from our petty differences and exercise our rights in a straight-talking, forthright, all-American manner, thus preserving freedom for all posterity.

Source: K99/Charley Barnes Presents Vickie's Corner - the Language of Tyranny

Charley Barnes is a friend and fellow rabble-rousing patriot. He is a DJ at K99 Colorado's Best Country Station. He personally contributes and organizes several charity and fund-raising events in northern Colorado including the Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run. We met in 2011 when he and a couple of buddies rode their motorcycles across Kansas to Topeka (the home of the Westboro Baptist Blasphemer Church Cult) and gave the WBC a dose of their own medicine. That's how Journey 4 Justice began. J4J teams from across the nation travel to Topeka KS (most of them on motorcycles) and deliver a counter protest to the WBC's hateful message. The difference is: they do it with class. No nasty signs or subversive messages are needed - they simply show up and wave the flags of country, state and armed services. A few weeks ago Charley offered me an opportunity to sound off occasionally on current events in a spot called Vickie's Corner in his little neck of the woods at K99. Is that kool or what?

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