Friday, May 17, 2013

Mendacity USA - Hardly the Greatest Show on Earth

May 17, 2013

There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity… said Big Daddy in the Tennessee Williams play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Mendacity is the back entry password to the sideshow of the week in the USA. Pants in flames, clowns in DC are up to their usual funny-business but they are playing to an increasingly humorless crowd. The White House is running the show like a big top circus where the spotlight favors the quickest draw in the shoot-from-the-hip blame game. What you get when you put the stink of mendacity and arbitrary blame together is a sucker punch to the people called Men-blam-city! Emphasis on blam!

Honest Leadership - Open GovernmentWell, shoot me from a canon folks if you still believe in honest leadership and open government. The sliver of light emanating from underneath closed doors in DC is the last glimmer of transparency we will see for the end run of the Obama dawg-n-donkey show. We get it compliments of email messages and blabber-mouths. One would think by now bureaucratic snake oil salesmen would have learned the value of delete keys and paper shredders, not to mention government-issue duct tape. Not to worry though, the masters of deception have refined document dissemination into an altered art form.

Politicians lie. Nobody is surprised or even annoyed by that. Sadly, most Americans expect dishonesty from the government.

Take the Benghazi tragedy: even hard-nosed pundits are finding it hard to keep up with who told what lie and when. No doubt about it - lies were the order of the day. Particularly despicable in this instance are lies coupled with blame making the American people culpable for the tragedy. Say what! Let us recall assorted heads of state blaming the Benghazi tragedy on an obscure anti-Islam video. That is how it played in the first hours. Americans engaged in the viewing of mind-numbing social media angered Islamic militants (apparently engaged in the same activity); to the degree that said militants felt compelled to log off and stage an attack on the US Consulate. Main stream media completely missed the absurdity of the spin. Instead, talking heads were quick to relate almost verbatim the typical White House rationale: if the video was the cause then video-watchers were to blame. Perhaps the message was too subliminal for the press.

The current administration is adept at subliminal messaging, making Americans unwitting accomplices in a plethora of vagaries. Think not? Please point out non-Americans in the following Obama blamed-and-maligned collection: Bush, Beck, Limbaugh, Fox News, the shameless rich, republicans, conservatives, Tea Party Patriots, Christians, right-to-lifers, law-abiding gun owners, Veterans, YouTubers, Facebookers, Tweeters, the CIA!!!, and most recently, creepy civil servants occupying the bowels of the IRS.

I did not do it. It is not my fault. I had no idea. That is what passes for accountability at the White House. Instead of anger and disgust most Americans treat bureaucratic mendacity with a liberal (pun intended) dose of indifference.

Consider the mendacious whopper of the hour. Recently, Axelrod the Inarticulate said [paraphrasing] – the president is not guilty of anything, it is impossible for the president to know everything about the vast amount of stuff for which a president is directly responsible. What?

Red flag warning! First, do we need to hear that the man allegedly at the helm of the country is clueless about stuff as important as terrorist threats or ignorant of blatant government entity (IRS/DOJ) abuses of power? Second, do we really buy the Sergeant Schultz-like I know nothing routine?

Here is an inconvenient truth: The president is a notorious control freak. The strategy is always to control the message, uniquely evidenced by the ubiquitous presence of a teleprompter. Please note: POTUS requires TOTUS just to speak to elementary school children. Control freaks make it their business to know everybody’s business. It is simply the nature of the beast. Clueless? I think not.

Unchecked mendacity is the stench wafting across the land. Big Daddy said, You can smell it. It smells like death. For any leader to call the investigation into the violent deaths of Americans a political sideshow is to reveal blatant contempt for the lives of all Americans. Benghazi is a defining moment of humiliation for this administration although they are still in denial about it. What should be the Greatest Show on Earth is a tawdry three ring circus playing out on the world-wide stage. I can hear the global audience clamoring send in more clowns! The shameful truth of the matter is; America has clowns aplenty waiting for a chance to shine in the big ring.

Hillary, the ever caustic and hyper-insensitive hypocrite wonders; what difference does it make?

Short answer: The difference, as far as We the People are concerned is the amount of trust we can place in the leadership of this country. TRUST is the difference. Blood on their hands is the wake-up call America! Mendacity is a disease, highly contagious and extremely destructive. It calls for immediate quarantine. The Mendacity Epidemic of DC 2013 should be contained and eradicated by whatever means necessary as soon as possible.

In the meantime, heed the words of Tennessee Williams, a sad commentary on the status quo:

We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.

Respectfully yours in unfailing allegiance to the USA,
Dissident Daughter
Because: Silence is the most insidious form of consent

The Hill, Axelrod quote: “Part of being president is there’s so much underneath you because the government is so vast,” he added. “You go through these [controversies] all because of this stuff that is impossible to know if you’re the president or working in the White House, and yet you’re responsible for it and it’s a difficult situation.”
Washington Examiner, Why did Hillary tie video to Benghazi
Fox News Insider, Benghazi Sideshow

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