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Vickie's Corner 05/25/2013 Gather around their sacred remains

May 25, 2013
Colorado USA

In the news are reports that claim Memorial Day celebrations will suffer because of Sequestration cuts, citing denial of requests for flyovers and military color guards that allegedly operate with government funding. There is no mention that government operates courtesy of tax payer funding but who are we the people to quibble over such trivialities?

Memorial Day is not about government so the solution is to turn a deaf ear to government entities who seek to pervert the purpose of the day with shameless self-promotion. Anyone who understands the significance of Memorial Day knows to limit support of patriotic celebrations is an ineloquent statement of complete and utter disrespect by the powers that be for anything that buoys the spirit of the American people.

Honoring our legacy of freedom by respecting the service and sacrifice of military veterans does not require government dollars. Sure, we will be thankful for troops, guardsmen, military bands, color guards and flyovers if we can get them but politicians do not own this day by rule or writ or rhetoric. Grieving hearts and respectful sentiment own this day. People of all ages and from all walks of life will gather across the land in common purpose and reverence – all without the bidding and benevolence of government.

Trust this. Flags will wave. Bands will play. Bells will toll. The Star Spangled Banner will ring out across the land. Heads will dip in remembrance and respect as the names of the fallen are called.

The Traveling Vietnam Veterans Wall arrived in Fort Collins earlier this week escorted by local law enforcement, motorcycle clubs and independent bikers, many of them veterans, all of them patriotic to the core. The procession was greeted with flags and applause and cheers. I spoke with a young man as we watched the escort roll by and sadly noted in my mind as I explained the significance of it that he had no idea what it was all about.

The Wall arriving in Fort Collins with Escort

The Wall did not get here by bureaucratic edict. Rather it is here compliments of local businesses and individuals who donated time and hard-earned money as well as labor and materials to make it happen. They are the best among us and deserve our patronage.

Let us, then, at the time appointed, gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless mounds above them with choicest flowers of springtime; let us raise above them the dear old flag they saved from dishonor; let us in this solemn presence renew our pledges to aid and assist those whom they have left among us as sacred charges upon the Nation's gratitude, -- the soldier's and sailor's widow and orphan.
-- General John A. Logan in his General Order No. 11 of May 5th, 1868, Decoration Day

As freeborn children we should spend this day in celebration and do so out of respect for the sacrifices made by generations of soldiers who have paid and continue to pay the ultimate price on our behalf. We should celebrate with a proud eye on the flag and lend an attentive ear to the families and friends of those who have fallen in the service of our country. We should stand in silent support beside a friend who once again grapples with the fact that they made it home alive while others did not. Lest we forget, we should pay our respects to veterans past and present in our own families.

We cannot let ourselves be blind or deaf to the sacrifice of increasingly unsung valor. We cannot become so immured to the reality and violence of war that we fail to respect the soldier's reality - those brave souls who defend and protect and serve. We cannot harden our sensibilities so that we do not see the pain of sacrifice in a mother’s eye or the bewilderment in the expressions of widows and orphans. Let our hearts not be so jaded that we cannot feel the loss of a single one of our brave.

Let us celebrate being American. Let us raise our flags high... let us raise our hands in salute... let us raise our voices in patriotic tribute... let us raise our heads in pride of country. Let us teach our children an appreciation for the veteran elders among us and guide them on the path that preserves freedom and liberty, justice and independence for all time. Let us do these things in celebration of diversified unity. United We Stand is not merely an old catch phrase - it is a call to duty. It is our duty, one we should impart with diligence to younger generations. It is a duty we should demand of anyone standing on our free and bloodied soil.

As we celebrate Memorial Day like we do so many holidays in the good ol' USA -- with picnics and beer, car races and concerts, flags and fireworks, motorcycle rides and mountain drives, let us pause in the revelry with grateful hearts and rejoice that we live in the land of the free. Let us renew our allegiance to the ideal that is the United States of America.

Finally - let us look our living veterans in the eye, acknowledge their service – tip a hat, shake a hand, hug a neck and keep in mind what Samuel Adams once said, If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin. Every day we wake in a free and civilized country is a reason to be grateful for those who have done the hard work and we can take comfort in the fact that they would all do it again.

Every day should be Memorial Day in the USA.

Source: K99/Charley Presents Friday’s Edition Of ‘Vickie’s Corner’ – Gather around their sacred remains

Charley Barnes is a friend and fellow rabble-rousing patriot. He is a DJ at K99 Colorado's Best Country Station. He personally contributes and organizes several charity and fund-raising events in northern Colorado including the Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run. We met in 2011 when he and a couple of buddies rode their motorcycles across Kansas to Topeka (the home of the Westboro Baptist Blasphemer Church Cult) and gave the WBC a dose of their own medicine. That's how Journey 4 Justice began. J4J teams from across the nation travel to Topeka KS (most of them on motorcycles) and deliver a counter protest to the WBC's hateful message. The difference is: they do it with class. No nasty signs or subversive messages are needed - they simply show up and wave the flags of country, state and armed services. A few weeks ago Charley offered me an opportunity to sound off occasionally on current events in a spot called Vickie's Corner in his little neck of the woods at K99. Is that kool or what?

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Mendacity USA - Hardly the Greatest Show on Earth

May 17, 2013

There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity… said Big Daddy in the Tennessee Williams play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Mendacity is the back entry password to the sideshow of the week in the USA. Pants in flames, clowns in DC are up to their usual funny-business but they are playing to an increasingly humorless crowd. The White House is running the show like a big top circus where the spotlight favors the quickest draw in the shoot-from-the-hip blame game. What you get when you put the stink of mendacity and arbitrary blame together is a sucker punch to the people called Men-blam-city! Emphasis on blam!

Honest Leadership - Open GovernmentWell, shoot me from a canon folks if you still believe in honest leadership and open government. The sliver of light emanating from underneath closed doors in DC is the last glimmer of transparency we will see for the end run of the Obama dawg-n-donkey show. We get it compliments of email messages and blabber-mouths. One would think by now bureaucratic snake oil salesmen would have learned the value of delete keys and paper shredders, not to mention government-issue duct tape. Not to worry though, the masters of deception have refined document dissemination into an altered art form.

Politicians lie. Nobody is surprised or even annoyed by that. Sadly, most Americans expect dishonesty from the government.

Take the Benghazi tragedy: even hard-nosed pundits are finding it hard to keep up with who told what lie and when. No doubt about it - lies were the order of the day. Particularly despicable in this instance are lies coupled with blame making the American people culpable for the tragedy. Say what! Let us recall assorted heads of state blaming the Benghazi tragedy on an obscure anti-Islam video. That is how it played in the first hours. Americans engaged in the viewing of mind-numbing social media angered Islamic militants (apparently engaged in the same activity); to the degree that said militants felt compelled to log off and stage an attack on the US Consulate. Main stream media completely missed the absurdity of the spin. Instead, talking heads were quick to relate almost verbatim the typical White House rationale: if the video was the cause then video-watchers were to blame. Perhaps the message was too subliminal for the press.

The current administration is adept at subliminal messaging, making Americans unwitting accomplices in a plethora of vagaries. Think not? Please point out non-Americans in the following Obama blamed-and-maligned collection: Bush, Beck, Limbaugh, Fox News, the shameless rich, republicans, conservatives, Tea Party Patriots, Christians, right-to-lifers, law-abiding gun owners, Veterans, YouTubers, Facebookers, Tweeters, the CIA!!!, and most recently, creepy civil servants occupying the bowels of the IRS.

I did not do it. It is not my fault. I had no idea. That is what passes for accountability at the White House. Instead of anger and disgust most Americans treat bureaucratic mendacity with a liberal (pun intended) dose of indifference.

Consider the mendacious whopper of the hour. Recently, Axelrod the Inarticulate said [paraphrasing] – the president is not guilty of anything, it is impossible for the president to know everything about the vast amount of stuff for which a president is directly responsible. What?

Red flag warning! First, do we need to hear that the man allegedly at the helm of the country is clueless about stuff as important as terrorist threats or ignorant of blatant government entity (IRS/DOJ) abuses of power? Second, do we really buy the Sergeant Schultz-like I know nothing routine?

Here is an inconvenient truth: The president is a notorious control freak. The strategy is always to control the message, uniquely evidenced by the ubiquitous presence of a teleprompter. Please note: POTUS requires TOTUS just to speak to elementary school children. Control freaks make it their business to know everybody’s business. It is simply the nature of the beast. Clueless? I think not.

Unchecked mendacity is the stench wafting across the land. Big Daddy said, You can smell it. It smells like death. For any leader to call the investigation into the violent deaths of Americans a political sideshow is to reveal blatant contempt for the lives of all Americans. Benghazi is a defining moment of humiliation for this administration although they are still in denial about it. What should be the Greatest Show on Earth is a tawdry three ring circus playing out on the world-wide stage. I can hear the global audience clamoring send in more clowns! The shameful truth of the matter is; America has clowns aplenty waiting for a chance to shine in the big ring.

Hillary, the ever caustic and hyper-insensitive hypocrite wonders; what difference does it make?

Short answer: The difference, as far as We the People are concerned is the amount of trust we can place in the leadership of this country. TRUST is the difference. Blood on their hands is the wake-up call America! Mendacity is a disease, highly contagious and extremely destructive. It calls for immediate quarantine. The Mendacity Epidemic of DC 2013 should be contained and eradicated by whatever means necessary as soon as possible.

In the meantime, heed the words of Tennessee Williams, a sad commentary on the status quo:

We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.

Respectfully yours in unfailing allegiance to the USA,
Dissident Daughter
Because: Silence is the most insidious form of consent

The Hill, Axelrod quote: “Part of being president is there’s so much underneath you because the government is so vast,” he added. “You go through these [controversies] all because of this stuff that is impossible to know if you’re the president or working in the White House, and yet you’re responsible for it and it’s a difficult situation.”
Washington Examiner, Why did Hillary tie video to Benghazi
Fox News Insider, Benghazi Sideshow

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Danger and Deliverance Advance Together

May 14, 2013

It is distressing to see an enemy advancing into a country, but it is the only place in which we can beat them, and in which we have always beaten them, whenever they made the attempt. The nearer any disease approaches to a crisis, the nearer it is to a cure. Danger and deliverance make their advances together, and it is only the last push, in which one or the other takes the lead. ~ Thomas Paine, The American Crisis (September 12, 1777)

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Vickie's Corner 05/10/2013 - Wrong Side of Wrong

May 10, 2013

Charley Presents Friday’s Edition Of ‘Vickie’s Corner’ – The Wrong Side of Wrong
By Charley Barnes May 10, 2013 5:08 PM

Last week I was reading a story on a military veteran who believe it or not was willing to give up her spot at Arlington National Cemetery for the alleged Boston Bomber who died in shootout with police last month. I was personally appalled and so are millions of others.

The Wrong Side of Wrong

We have a serious problem in this country with people coming down on the wrong side of wrong. What the hell is their damage, I wonder? We have people (alleged Americans) who think the Tsarnaev brothers are just a couple of misunderstood juvenile delinquents creating mischief on the streets of Boston.

Willful blindness remains the order of the day is a line from an article I read somewhere shortly after the terrorist attack. It speaks of a glaring societal dysfunction that allows us to somehow relate to haters and killers and even terrorists as damaged people deserving of our sympathy. It’s outrageous!

Where is the sympathy for innocent American lives lost and forever ruined? The Tsarnaev brothers are not boys. They are not damaged goods. They are not a product of American society’s ills. They are evil incarnate and as far as I am concerned anyone who shows them one iota of sympathy is just as evil, as is the case with the lunatic USAF (I choke on the V-word) Veteran Julie Frein who said she was willing to give up her burial plot at Arlington Nation Cemetery for the dead Tsarnaev brother so his family can get some closure. You might as well offer a presidential send-off to Adam Lanza or Jared Loughner.

My opinion? The dead Tsarnaev brother should not be allowed to foul the soil of any cemetery in the United States of America. If the family cannot see to his remains then he should be food for the fishes. That’s the proper display of closure for Americans and far more than he deserves. American families are struggling to deal with the carnage wrought by the Tsarnaev brothers. I figure the Tsarnaev family should have to figure out closure for themselves. We owe them nothing.

The traitorous and ignorant (vets cannot simply transfer a plot in a national cemetery) Julie Frein should forfeit her right to Veterans last rites for even spouting something so anti-American. I am outraged that she even considers planting the likes of Tsarnaev in a cemetery that houses this country’s heroes is appropriate. Not only that, Frein should be made to watch the graphic film of the bombings even the massacre-mongering news networks would not air. Frein has more nerve than brain cells – how could she worry about the eternal rest of an animal who maimed and killed for no other reason than to serve resident evil? If it were up to me Frein would be escorting the putrid remains of a terrorist home and looking for a new country of residence.

Sympathy for the devil is an alarmingly degenerate exercise in political correctness. Those who perpetrate evil are not diseased or ill or confused. Rather, those who look at evil as some sort of curable affliction are the conflicted ones. Why are people in denial over the concept that some things really can be explained by simply drawing a no frills distinction between good and evil?
FYI: Arlington National Cemetery released this statement - We want to make it clear that this suspect is not eligible to be buried at Arlington -- a veteran can't transfer their eligibility to another person. Frein’s service does not make her eligible for burial in a National cemetery other than sharing a plot with her husband who is a Navy retiree.
Read the regulations for burial at ANC here: Persons Eligible For Burial In Arlington National Cemetery
UPDATE 05/10/2013 - Tsarnaev buried in Virginia

Here's the video if you haven't heard enough.

Source: K99/Charley Barnes Presents Vickie's Corner - The Wrong Side of Wrong

Charley Barnes is a friend and fellow rabble-rousing patriot. He is a DJ at K99 Colorado's Best Country Station. He personally contributes and organizes several charity and fund-raising events in northern Colorado including the Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run. We met in 2011 when he and a couple of buddies rode their motorcycles across Kansas to Topeka (the home of the Westboro Baptist Blasphemer Church Cult) and gave the WBC a dose of their own medicine. That's how Journey 4 Justice began. J4J teams from across the nation travel to Topeka KS (most of them on motorcycles) and deliver a counter protest to the WBC's hateful message. The difference is: they do it with class. No nasty signs or subversive messages are needed - they simply show up and wave the flags of country, state and armed services. A few weeks ago Charley offered me an opportunity to sound off occasionally on current events in a spot called Vickie's Corner in his little neck of the woods at K99. Is that kool or what?

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Youth should REJECT the voice of Deceit

May 9, 2013

Aristotle said - Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope.

Never is youth more hopeful than when it stands at the open door of the future and envisions all it can be with no clue to what it will be. Never is youth more vulnerable than at the beginning of the grand adventure - life. Only reckless youth fails to heed warning signs: Never trust a person who tells you to reject the ethics and values of your upbringing, unless you have already called into question these things yourself. Never trust a person who tears another down to build himself up. Never trust a person who tells you how to think or believe. Never trust a person who tells you to ignore the warning signs on the road ahead.

Hitler said:
He alone,
who owns the youth,
gains the future.

All of these warnings apply in particular to government and anyone representative of government. Beware of men who would own your mind to serve an undisclosed agenda. Hope is not an agenda. Change is simply the result of reality in action. Forward is an unrealized destination. Question anyone who claims to think as you do - until they prove it. Blind faith requires sacrifice and compromise. An ego stroked is prey to ulterior motive.

Think for yourself. Do for yourself. Resign from herd mentality and prove to yourself that you are a force in the universe and not a slave to popular opinion or political mumbo jumbo. It is both the folly and the promise of youth to believe there should be a change in the world... the trick is to trod a new path and be the instrument of change without losing direction. Deceit is the art of misdirection.

Consider carefully the reference to tyranny (both stated and unstated) in the following quotes:

George Washington: Government is not reason, nor eloquence. It is force. And like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearsome master.

Thomas Jefferson: When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Barack Obama: Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems... They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices.

Beware of Deceptive Detours... As you step out the door on the road to the future - do not be too quick to shed or reject the past. Do not be too quick to narrow your own view and follow another's path. A call for arbitrary rejection has nothing to do with embracing the possibilities of the future. Watching your step is not the same thing as checking your step. Bullshit only clings to your boot if you actually step in it. Will you heed warning signs or carry on under the precept that peril on the road ahead is simply a figment of your imagination?

In the immortal words of Tolkien's Bilbo Baggins - It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.

Source for Obama quote: Real Clear Politics - Reject these voices

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Celebrating The Fifth of May in the USA

May 5, 2013
Colorado USA

Out of the busy-body blue I hear a question…

Actually, it is more like out of the mouth of ignorance…

Busy Body: You’re a Texan – do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? (pronounced: Cinco like sicko, de like be, Mayo like the salad dressing – oh me)

Now if this near stranger knew me better, they would know this is the last question anyone who knows me well would ask me. Anyone who knows me well enough to call me by my first name would already know the answer.

So, reining in the cranky side of my nature, I answered…

Lil' Ol' American Me: I am a Texan, not a Mexican. You do realize that Cinco de Mayo is not a Texan or American holiday?

Busy Body: Oh. I thought it was an Independence Day for them in Texas.

Lil' Ol' American Me: No, it is not an Independence Day for them. Why would we celebrate a Mexican Independence Day in the USA or Texas?


Lil' Ol' American Me: Sigh! It marks a battle Mexico won over the French in the 1860s that has evolved into a Mexican heritage celebration.

Busy Body: I see...

Lil' Ol' American Me: Thinking to myself - I seriously doubt it.

History lesson over - I left it at that.

I celebrate the 5th of May in the USA much like I do any other day I am fortunate enough to wake up in this country and appreciate what it means to be American and free. OK, well maybe I celebrate it by wearing a blatantly American t-shirt and if we find ourselves out on the Harley by flying the American flag in tandem.

I don’t have a problem with ethnic celebrations but I do find it offensive:
  • if the flag of another country is not flown in tandem and in the proper position below the flag of the United States…
  • if the national anthem of another country is not sung after the Star Spangled Banner…
  • if the pledge of allegiance is not said to Ol’ Glory and only Ol’ Glory…
  • if you do not respect the country whose ground you stand upon…
  • if you do not respect the rest of the population’s right not to give a hoot what you are celebrating…

Anything less than that amount of respect and consideration, then you are not an American – you are a poser. And that’s the long and short of the matter.

Party on, I say! But! If you want respect for your ethnicity, then I need respect for my ethnicity. Your right to dance in the street under another country’s banner is granted only by the law of this land and the tolerance of its citizenry.

Celebrating ethnicity is not free license to disrespect the law of the land or the vast majority of other ethnicities who are also citizens. My Grandmother, born in the great state of Arkansas lived to be 101 years old. She was of Irish and Scottish descent, but if you asked her about her ethnic background – she would (after she skewed you with a look that indicated what an utterly stupid question you asked) answer: AMERICAN. That answer, works for me. I am of American ethnicity.

It does not matter what the nod and wink politicians say while they pander for your vote – because their Americanism can be called into question on a daily if not hourly basis. Most politicians and heads of state do not understand that being a citizen of the United States of America has nothing to do with government or politics. Americanism is a state of being, a particularly hard-ass mentality that courageous men and women have bled for in the past and defend today. You either get that or you don't.

If you would be an American then BE ALL AMERICAN and learn to respect what that really means.

There can be no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only 100% Americanism, only for those who are Americans and nothing else. Theodore Roosevelt

Respectfully yours in unfailing allegiance to the USA,
Dissident Daughter
Because: Silence is the most insidious form of consent

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Why I Am No Longer A Republican Or A Democrat

May 4, 2013

This about sums it up...

The big-box monopoly parties have morphed into two sides of the same coin, two heads on the same bird of prey. Today our choice boils down to the Conservative Republican tax and spend, infringe personal liberty, and outsource or sovereignty policies or the Liberal Democrat tax and spend, infringe personal liberty, and outsource or sovereignty policies. But of course, since we don’t want to throw away our vote we must vote for one of the big boys. Conservative? Liberal? Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum?

Click the link below to read the rest of the article... it speaks well to why so many people seem confused or disengaged with the political process - I am close to being apolitical myself.

Source: Freedom Outpost Why I Am No Longer A Republican Or A Democrat

Vietnam Vet sounds off

May 4, 2013

A Vietnam Vet sounds off... we know you are listening in Jane and we don't care if you don't care... (Cross-posting from a social media page)

To that one person who is protesting this war, thinking you are anonymous in a crowd among thousands ...

I know you. I met you many years ago.

You were the only stranger at my going away party in 1968 and, you offered this toast; "Here's to hoping you don't come back".

I know you.

As our troop bus headed for the plane that would take us to Vietnam, you, and hundreds of your highly organized “friends”, lined the street, spat at us and shouted "baby killers go home."

I know you.

You frolicked in Hanoi on a publicity stunt, giving aid and comfort to our enemy, betraying American POWs ...even while so many of my brothers were making the ultimate sacrifice. Yet, you were never brought to justice for that atrocity or even offered a sincere apology.

I know you.

With your delight of every GI body count reported through the American media, with your every protest of “make love, not war”, you emboldened our enemy... supported their cause, lengthened the war... resulting in even more Americans being wounded and killed.

I know you.

You were so pleased with yourself... your protests made me too ashamed go home at the end of my tour... to face my family... to even question my own patriotism. I thought I was fighting the noble fight... to free people... people I didn't even know, but who deserved freedom.

Yet, I told myself, even you have the right to protest, to dissent, to be free. I and my brothers gave you that right.

I know you.

For the next thirty years, you were there... reminding me of that shame. Laughing at my silent and hidden pain. Your enormous ego and arrogance never once allowed you to apologize for your words and actions. Or, to genuinely honor my fallen comrades.

Oh yes, I know you.

In fact, I know you so well that now, I no longer fear you... I pity you. Eventually, I did regain my pride, my patriotism and my self worth. I am content in the fact that I paid my dues to be an American... you did not. I looked into the eyes of those I fought to free and protect. I saw the gratitude.

You did not.

I accepted that we did not lose the war... we quit the war... because of people like you... making all that I and my brothers sacrificed moot ...meaningless.

I know you very well.

I have the warm memories of my fallen comrades whom, in the greatest act of humanity, gave their lives so strangers could have the chance to experience the wonderful sensation of being free... the same freedoms you had then... but did not earn... can't understand now, and will never fully appreciate.

You have nothing.

My conscience is clear for the millions who lost their lives because we left Vietnam... that the South Vietnamese lived for years under great hardships... because of you.

I know you better than you know yourself.

You hated our president more than you loved your country.

You are weak.

You thrive on being politically correct... not because you believe, but because you have nothing else to justify your weakness. Like the rest of your life, it's simply a game.

Now you say you support our troops, but not the war... that is an impossibility. And, you know it. Again, games.

You have paid no dues to be an American. To me, you are a non-entity, without cause nor voice.

Finally, you ignore the fact that true Americans remain loyal to America and it's defenders, no matter who is in the White House.

We are Americans...

You are a person with an incredible sense of narcissistic, self-righteousness, but, a person without a country.

I wrote this during the first Gulf War, when the protests against Bush started and Jane Fonda was promoting her new book. Once posted on, I got hundreds of responses. Many were positive and supportive. Most were vial. So I took the post down.

Even though I experienced all the above, this was not written from one person to one person. It is a composite statement of what all Vietnam Veterans experienced, to, all those who could not, or would not, understand the long-term effect of their actions. But, I did want to make it personal to the reader. And, no, I did not mean the only way one can “pay dues” to be an American is to serve. Of course, millions of Americans pay dues every day.

Bottom line, these people can no longer get to me because I no longer recognize them as Americans. I see them as the pests that invade a home. Cockroaches, hiding deep in the woodwork that swarm in the middle of the night to spread filth and breed other roaches.

Since 1969, I finished my degree, built a great career, traveled the globe, working at the corporate level with some of the world's largest companies, just celebrated our 40th anniversary, have two incredible grandkids, another on the way, my son is finishing his ph.d at Loyola, I was able to semi-retire at 61

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Vickie's Corner 05/03/2013 - The Language of Tyranny

May 3, 2013
Colorado USA

Charley Presents Friday’s Edition Of ‘Vickie’s Corner’ – The Language of Tyranny
By Charley Barnes - May 3, 2013 3:32 PM

The billboard controversy coming out of Greeley rages on and fuels more debate on what is right or wrong and the political correctness of it all. I have again asked a friend of mine to share her thoughts this week on the subject not only because I love how she writes and puts thoughts on paper but she always speaks from the heart, with conviction and purpose. This may be my favorite piece she’s done; incredible.

In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness. --RGIII

Political correctness is the bane of our existence especially when applied to the righteous rhetoric of the day wherein words seem to carry more weight than their defined intent. One could fill a dictionary with hundreds of bogey-words, which were once mostly benign in nature. Use one of those words today and it is likely some self-appointed Bigot-Troll will come knocking. Inadvertent reference to ethnicity or gender may well brand one as racist or sexist. Prejudice is the charge following the mere mention of religion or the big bugaboo illegal immigration. Talk about firearms and one is immediately cast as a domestic terrorist. Something stinky and obstructive is always simmering in the pressure-cooker of a politically correct kitchen.

Minds poisoned by infringement mentality wage constant warfare on the freedom of expression and even threaten historical truths. Facetiously speaking, the practice of tolerance in this me-first-me-only world is outdated. We should banish anyone insisting upon it! Civility is nearly as outdated only because those who claim to be a proponent of it have rendered it senseless by abusing it. Sadly, tolerance and civility have no place in a politically correct setting.

Washington DC – Dare to shrug with indifference over the I-Am-Gay announcement (complete with the presidential seal of approval) from NBA player Jason Collins, a self-described conundrum; homosexual Christian - get labeled a bigot, sexist and racist.

Chicago IL – Choose to ignore the Collins announcement, get bigot-branded anyway as in the case of Bears linebacker Lance Briggs called out by Chicago Tribune columnist turned Bigot-Troll Rosenbloom for simply failing to comment.
  • Backatcha Bigot-Trolls - Individuals firm in their convictions and beliefs are by default – bigots, because opinion is never free of prejudice. Bigotry is a nasty little word that implies something far worse than it is. I have three words for those engaging in the liberal usage of the B-word - libel, defamation and slander.
Greeley CO - Billboards depicting Native Americans in vintage war regalia with the quote, Turn in your Arms – The Government Will Take Care of You apparently offends some Native Americans. I am baffled. The sign, hardly a fresh take on the subject, is obviously a political statement – the government cannot be trusted. It is about as true a depiction as one can get of the historic and tragic betrayal of Native Americans by their own government.
  • Backatcha Billboard Banishing Bullies – Blatant exploitation of special interest groups is now common practice, the standard set by none other than our current heads of state. Personally, I think it is about time we stop using hyphenated ethnicity as an excuse to claim offense over some dubiously imagined slight. At this stage of the game, other than the millions who are in the country illegally – most born here, raised here Americans are technically Native Americans. I certainly do not consider my Texas-born behind to be anything but 100% Native American.
Washington DC - A council member demands the Washington Redskins change their team name to something less racist and offensive – the unfortunate suggestion: Redtails has fans fuming. Redskins quarterback, Robert Griffin III, opposed to the name change answered with this eloquent statement - In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness.
  • Backatcha Mascot Maligners– I can add nothing more to that. Griffin is absolutely correct – back off!
Stone Mountain GA – An individual has petitioned to have a 400 foot tall carving depicting American Confederates Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson removed from the side of a mountain calling it a black eye on our culture.
  • Backatcha revisionist historians - The history and culture of any country is marked by black eyes and bloody lips. How else should we measure progress if not by the violent hallmarks of struggle and strife? Removing a monument of historic relevance does not eradicate the history it represents. Rather, such monuments stand as a testament to the tenacity of mankind. To use an old adage: What does not kill us; makes us stronger.
Quelling debate and manipulating the exchange of ideas is always the first move on a free society by proponents of tyranny. The best way to achieve that end is to demonize language, restrict speech, revise history and marginalize free expression. In Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, Rule #5 states: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating.

Americans are entitled to ridicule, ostracize and brow-beat anyone who rejects the socially acceptable behavior model of the day. It is not a black eye upon our culture to embrace unpopular opinion or express objectionable ideas. America is a good, bad and ugly melting pot overflowing with bruised and bloodied, belligerent bigots armed with a razor sharp tool called the first amendment. We unapologetically use and abuse it.

Free speech, from inception has always been under assault. It is only endangered when we indiscriminately pervert the language and abuse the right of ALL to employ it equally. Make no mistake, political correctness is the language of tyranny. Those who insist upon it are the enemies of truth and freedom. Perhaps it is time to take a step back from our petty differences and exercise our rights in a straight-talking, forthright, all-American manner, thus preserving freedom for all posterity.

Source: K99/Charley Barnes Presents Vickie's Corner - the Language of Tyranny

Charley Barnes is a friend and fellow rabble-rousing patriot. He is a DJ at K99 Colorado's Best Country Station. He personally contributes and organizes several charity and fund-raising events in northern Colorado including the Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run. We met in 2011 when he and a couple of buddies rode their motorcycles across Kansas to Topeka (the home of the Westboro Baptist Blasphemer Church Cult) and gave the WBC a dose of their own medicine. That's how Journey 4 Justice began. J4J teams from across the nation travel to Topeka KS (most of them on motorcycles) and deliver a counter protest to the WBC's hateful message. The difference is: they do it with class. No nasty signs or subversive messages are needed - they simply show up and wave the flags of country, state and armed services. A few weeks ago Charley offered me an opportunity to sound off occasionally on current events in a spot called Vickie's Corner in his little neck of the woods at K99. Is that kool or what?

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Breitbart Big Journalism Chicago Tribune Columnist Demands Bears Player Explain Redskins name change
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Political Correctness

May 3, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Totalitarianism - the result of creeping gradualism

May 1, 2013

Totalitarianism didn't come quickly, it took 5 years from 1938 until 1943, to realize full dictatorship in Austria. Had it happened overnight, my countrymen would have fought to the last breath. Instead, we had creeping gradualism. Now, our only weapons were broom handles. The whole idea sounds almost unbelievable that the state, little by little eroded our freedom. - Kitty Werthmann, 85 years old survivor of Hitler's Germany