Saturday, April 20, 2013

NRA-ILA | Drama in the Rose Garden...

April 20, 2013

The media of course loves it but pseudo-reality-show drama is not what most of America want from leadership - retaliation is often the result of unbridled drama - stay tuned for round two.

NRA-ILA | Drama in the Rose Garden Defying Senate Obama Vows to Win on Gun Control

Quote from the article sourced below: Obama should not have been surprised by what happened on Capitol Hill, however. A CBS poll in March showed that support for gun control had dropped 10 points since December and a Gallup poll in April showed that only four percent of Americans believed that “guns/gun control” is the biggest problem facing the country.

However, as Obama’s Rose Garden performance wore on, it became less a monologue delivered for the benefit of the supporters with whom he stood, and became more an ideological soliloquy for his own indulgence.

Still, Obama is a politician, well-versed in how to mislead through distortion and omission. Thus, early on, he claimed that 90 percent of Americans agree that there should be background checks on firearm transactions and that “most Americans think that’s already the law,” without mentioning that 100 percent of firearm transactions between firearm dealers and non-dealers are subject to background check requirements already, and that only a small percentage of non-dealer transactions are between strangers.

Obama--whom the Washington Post gave Three Pinocchios for lying about the background check issue--also claimed that “the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the [background checks] bill” by saying it would implement gun registration. What the NRA had said is that a report from the National Institute of Justice concluded that requiring background checks on otherwise private firearms transfers would be “ineffective” without requiring gun registration. That was not a “lie.” It was, and is, a fact.

Source: NRA-ILA | Drama in the Rose Garden Defying Senate Obama Vows to Win on Gun Control

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