Thursday, April 11, 2013

Befuddled Senator inspires fear with his ignorance

April 11, 2013
Colorado USA

In whom do you place your trust in these trying times? I am referring of course to the absurdity of politics and the questionable integrity of politicians, especially those who might have overstayed their usefulness.

Being fairly steadfast in their beliefs and firm in their convictions most conservatives and I suspect even a fair number of liberals find it extremely annoying when a politician says one thing and does another, makes a promise and fails to deliver, lies to our faces and then claims he is misunderstood which essentially brands we-the-confounded as simpletons.

I respect the military service and sacrifice of Senator John McCain although I feel his service is often exploited for purposes that only serve to diminish it. He has represented the great state of Arizona since 1987. He is a Vietnam Veteran and hero. I believe he is a good man. He is also a politician, one I trusted for a time -- but no more.

RE: Quote from interview on Face the Nation on CBS last Sunday McCain seemed genuinely befuddled by a proposed filibuster over gun control legislation saying, "I don’t understand it… the purpose of the United States Senate is to debate and to vote and to let the people know where we stand."

Of course, one might point out that a filibuster is simply extended debate… often, very enlightening. It is a technique McCain endorsed in 2007 when he voted in favor of maintaining the filibuster against a bill to increase the federal minimum wage.

Somewhere along the way the senator has forgotten that his job is to represent the interests of the people who put him in office. The stance he took to convince the people of Arizona to elect him to office, is the stance I venture they would have him maintain. I find it hard to believe that gun friendly Arizona would have him consider any legislation that compromises the second amendment.

On gun control in 2007 with the Presidency in the cross-hairs:
USA Today: Republican presidential candidate John McCain declared… he believes in "no gun control," making the strongest affirmation of support for gun rights in the GOP field since the Virginia Tech massacre.

The Arizona senator said in Summerville, SC, that the country needs better ways to identify dangerous people like the gunman who killed 32 people and himself in the Blacksburg, VA, rampage. But he opposed weakening gun rights and, when asked whether ammunition clips sold to the public should be limited in size, said, "I don't think that's necessary at all."

Now no-gun-control McCain says, "What are we afraid of? … If this issue is as important as we all think it is, why not take it up and debate?... Everybody wants the same goal to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally disabled.”

Yes, I will allow that most of us wish lawmakers would do something to enforce the laws we have, punish the guilty and address how to keep guns out of the hands of assorted wacko birds (criminals and the mentally disabled)… but the gun control legislation before congress at present does not do that – does it?

What are we afraid of? We are concerned about our rights Senator McCain. We have to be because you are not. Having been labeled domestic terrorists by a large contingent of your cronies – honest, law-abiding citizens know they have been singled out for the whipping post erected by a government gone awry.

There are many people who will remember McCain as a hero but I will not. I know a few real heroes of the Vietnam War. They are nothing like McCain. The Vietnam Vets I know are steadfast and true and principled.

McCain? Sadly, a man I once admired will simply fade away in memory as just another blowhard politician.

And while I am at it, although this question presents a whole other trust issue -- I just want to know Senator McCain - what happened to build the dang fence?

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