Monday, March 4, 2013

This is not my America - this is not my Colorado.

March 4, 2013

Adams - Liberty Once Lost is Lost Forever

Today is a sad day in my freedom-loving world. I watched the second amendment all but go up in flames in Colorado. I watched individual liberties one after another sacrificed on the pyre of sanctimony. I watched as the first amendment and probably the fourteenth amendment fell victim to collateral damage without even a sigh from the lawmakers who apparently falsely, or at least selectively swore to uphold the law of the land. (The Congressional oath of office is: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.) I watched as lawmakers blatantly, obstinately and collectively dismissed the rights and concerns of a vast segment of Colorado's population as irrelevant.

I watched as a group of brave sheriffs stood in mostly silent dissent against legislation that makes it impossible for them to uphold the oath of their office. I watched as anyone who spoke against the liberal gun-grabbing mindset were rudely and abruptly silenced. I watched as sad people, deep in the throes of the grieving process grasped at the hollow promises of vapid lawmakers. I watched those lawmakers vow to end the violence, knowing that they cannot possibly keep those promises - not if they disarmed the whole of Colorado, not even if they incarcerate every law-abiding gun owner, not if they trace our gun owning roots back to our freedom fighting ancestors in their ineffectual background checks. I listened as they grouped gun owners in with criminals or accused gun owners of consorting, aiding and abetting criminals without batting an eye. They claimed innocent tax payers bear the burden of gun ownership completely ignoring the fact that gun owners are taxpayers, too. I realized as I watched or listened or read about the events unfolding that this is only the beginning of the push and shove of the matter. I fear Colorado, like our beloved country as a whole will spend decades trying to undo the damage caused by over-reaching, ego-maniacal, radical politicians - likely to no avail.

Our Consolation must be this, my dear, that Cities may be rebuilt, and a People reduced to Poverty, may acquire fresh Property: But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever. When the People once surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it. -- John Adams to Abigail Adams 1775

By the end of this week, gun ownership will no longer be a freedom enjoyed by Coloradoans. No, it will be crippled by burdensome, over-reaching restrictions and compulsory infringement of individual rights. Colorado will become a camping ground for the likes of numb skull neophytes signing on to the anti-American agenda of political tyrants like Biden, Boxer, Emanuel, Feinstein, Cuomo, Pelosi, Reid, Fields, Morse, Hickenlooper and yeah, I will say it - Obama. The list is long and tiresome to behold. By the end of this week Colorado will have joined ranks with a select group of states that by mere association is viewed by most Americans as disgraceful. By the end of the week we can expect Colorado to change its name to something akin to Californorado or Newyorkorado.

This is a preemptive statement - nothing has been signed into law yet, but we cannot expect Govenor Hickenlooper to put up much of a fuss. He doesn't put up much of a fuss about anything except the shape and color of his tie I think. He swings the way liberal Denverites swing, he panders to Obamalogic, and the rest of Colorado be damned. Sigh!

In an interview today with Channel 9, the NBC affiliate in Denver the governor dismissed gun owners as a threat of any sort - hmmmm...: For all of their fervor, Hickenlooper sees the demonstrators a small minority. "Not only do they not represent the middle, I don't think they represent the Republican party. I don't think they represent a large number of people," said Gov. Hickenlooper.

Aside from signing petitions too numerous to mention, honking horns and waving signs, nothing can be done at present to combat an out of touch, out of control, over-bearing, elitist legislature. It is not a matter of IF -- it is a matter of WHEN the liberties of what was formerly know as a free state go up in smoke. So, in the brief interim (between the time the bills are heard and passed into law) I am making notes and taking names... lots and lots of names.

One of the bravest comments I heard today: was in opposition to gun control and universal background checks... from a young woman named Krista whose mother was the victim of the murderer Gary Davis, the last man executed by the state of Colorado in 1997. Krista claimed that had her mother been able to defend herself with a gun, she might be alive today.

“Background checks won’t stop the next Gary Davis,” Krista said. “They’ll just make my world less safe.”

One of the saddest comments I heard today was from Arizona's Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords... "We're both gun owners... but we're anti gun violence and this bill will prevent violence." He was referring to the need for universal background checks.

I find myself shaking my head wondering how that statement as passionate as it sounds makes any sense. I am annoyed by it because it implies that law abiding gun owners resisting freedom killing gun control legislation are somehow pro gun violence. First of all, and I will not make friends by saying this - in this type of over-reaching gun control I think it safe to say that Gabby would not pass the background check and would likely have to surrender her weapons - I reference (not without a wince of consideration for the circumstance thereof) what is certainly a mental health point to be made. Second, if I am not mistaken, the criminal who attacked the representative and other Arizona citizens that fateful day had indeed passed a background check. Finally, if paper and a few dollars from hard-working, tax paying, law abiding citizens were enough to stop violence, we would not be having this conversation today or ever.

The biggest issue with the passage of any of the proposed bills is they must be seen as only the beginning... liberties are rarely lost in a giant sweep - they are lost incrementally - one tiny line of seemingly harmless text at a time.

Stay tuned... freedom of speech is not dead yet in the Centennial State proudly called such because (and perhaps we should remind our lawmakers) it became a state in the year 1876, 100 years after the signing of our nation's Declaration of Independence.

Respectfully yours in unfailing allegiance to the USA,
Dissident Daughter
Because: Silence is the most insideous form of consent

Source for comments: The Denver Post Colorado gun bills: Hundreds swarm Capitol on historic day
Channel 9 News/NBC: Hickenlooper doesn't think gun control will cost him re-election

Gun control measures under consideration by lawmakers in Colorado:
UPDATE: All bills were passed by the House - all but one has moved forward to the Senate as of midnight mountain time 03/04/2013. All seven have moved forward to the Senate as of 03/05/2013.

BACKGROUND CHECKS: House Bill 1229 would add a background-check requirement for many guns sold in private transactions. It passed a Senate committee in a 3-2 party-line vote. The Democratic-sponsored bill has already cleared the House.

MAGAZINE LIMITS: House Bill 1224 limits gun ammunition magazines to 15 rounds. The Democratic-sponsored bill has cleared the House, and passed Senate Judiciary on a 3-2 party line vote.

FIREARM BAN FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE OFFENDERS: Senate Bill 197 would expand a ban on gun ownership for people convicted of certain domestic-violence offenses. The bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on a party-line 3-2 vote Monday. One more committee vote awaits before the full Senate considers it.

GUN LIABILITY: Senate Bill 196 adds legal liability for gun sellers and owners. The bill faced its first test Monday.

GUNS ON CAMPUS: House Bill 1226 would end Colorado's unusual law barring public college campuses from banning concealed weapons. The Democratic-sponsored bill has already cleared the House.

ONLINE GUN TRAINING: Senate Bill 195 would require people seeking concealed carry permits to take gun training courses in person. The bill faced its first legislative review Monday.

BACKGROUND CHECK FEES: House Bill 1228 would revive fees for gun purchasers who need background checks. It passed a Senate committee in a 3-2 party-line vote. The Democratic-sponsored bill has already cleared the House.

Since the lawmakers of Colorado accepted the input of non residents to push their gun-grabbing agenda - and since they feel that legal gun owners are an inconsequential group I urge resident and non-resident gun owners to make their voices heard... pick one or all of the following and let them have a piece of your mind.

Gov John W Hickenlooper 136 State Capitol Denver, CO 80203-1792. Phone (303) 866-2471. Fax (303) 866-2003

Dem. Rep. Mark Ferrandino 303-866-2346
Dem. Rep. Claire Levy 303-866-2578
Dem. Rep. Rhonda Fields 303-866-3911
Dem. Sen. Morgan Carroll 303-866-4879
Dem. Sen. Evie Hudak 303-866-4840
Dem. Rep. Beth McCann 303-866-2959
Dem. Sen. Lois Tochtrop 303-866-4863
Dem. Rep. Jenise May 303-866-2945
Dem. Rep. Lois Court 303-866-2967
Dem. Sen. Rollie Heath 303-866-4872
Dem. Sen. Mary Hodge 303-866-4855
Dem. Sen. John Morse 303-866-6364
Dem. Sen. Jessie Ulibarri 303-866-4857
Dem. Sen. Irene Aguilar 303-866-4852
Dem. Sen Lucia Guzman 303-866-4862

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