Friday, February 15, 2008

The four-letter word heard around the world

February 15, 2008
Colorado USA

Jane Fonda says a four letter word on National TV and everyone, I mean everyone is outraged.

Hello? It is Jane Fonda. Why are we surprised? A better question is: Why were we watching? Not me. I do not start my day with TV. Even if I were so inclined, I certainly would not tune in knowing that Jane Fonda was a scheduled to appear. I despise the woman. Geez! Was it a slow news day or something? Do the morning shows even bother with news anymore?

Here is the scoop: Jane Fonda used the C-word when host, Meredith Vieira host of NBC's Today Show asked Fonda about her appearance in a stage play -- The Vagina Monologues. This immensely popular, long running play (no, I do not know why) contains a segment entitled "Cunt". In her answer, the actress referred to the segment by name, making a joking reference to it.

In short, her answer and the use of the unfortunate word was in context even though intelligent life on this planet knows she said it -- well - because she is Jane Fonda, and she got the attention she likely knew it would inspire. Jane Fonda has never concerned herself with "good press" -- why would she start now? Did I mention I despise the woman?

Just so you know -- I would be the last person in the world to stand up and defend Jane Fonda. I agree the C-word, used in context or not is despicable but not any more so than dozens of other words we hear on TV every day, not to mention some of the subjects that are discussed rather openly. Are you monitoring your children's intake of soap operas, Oprah and Dr Phil?

I agree Jane Fonda should have watched her mouth. But, considering the source that is probably an unreasonable expectation.

What I do not agree with is, the cry throughout the land what if children were watching? Here's a thought: children of an age that might ask about the meaning of this word should be in school at this time of day -- should they not? And, if not -- is The Today Show appropriate viewing material for children whose parents are allegedly under the impression that children should never hear a four-letter word? I do not know, it has been a while since I tuned in to hear the prattle of fluffy-headed journalism (a term I use loosely here) but I thought The Today Show was geared toward adults. This is not the Cartoon Network folks.

I have to ask again -- why were you watching? I have to ask, would the world have sent up such an outcry if Oprah said the C-word? Maybe, but you know -- it's Oprah. How about Ellen? I think we can all guess the answer to that. I have to ask, are we really all that offended? Really now, did you think to be offended before or after offended became the thing to be in certain circles?

The word probably should not have aired, Ms. Vieira should have corrected her guest and apologized to her audience, immediately if it was a concern to her. You can bet the incident was discussed during the break. Perhaps NBC should have a built-in delay so that they have time to bleep their potty-mouth guests. Then again, do we have to white wash all adult programming so we cause no offense to little ears? Or big ears that apparently live in deaf defiance of the real world? We have squeaky clean channels geared toward people who like everything to be nice. Consider the Hallmark Channel and the Disney Channel and all those kiddy channels. You will not find Jane Fonda spouting obscenities on Sesame Street.

What the heck is going on? We want every entity in the world to censor what people say or do or write every day so we do not have to hear or see or read anything that might offend us. We want the government to police everything for us. We want somebody else to clean up music, movies, TV, journalism, video games, literature, the internet and more.

Here's a another thought: How about we censor content we do not want to see or hear or read all by our selves? How about we police our selves and our children? How about we take a little responsibility for our own lives? How about we stop asking everyone else to adjust to our needs and quietly make our own adjustments? If you really want to have an impact, show your dissatisfaction by voicing your objections to the network and its sponsors - hit them where it hurts - in the ol' money belt. We do not need government control here - we need self control.

If the Today Show or other adult programming is not right for you and your children -- change the bleepin' channel. I would strongly advise censoring Jane Fonda ALL the time.

Source: NBC News

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