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Lawmakers: Colorado Gun Owners Guilty by Association

February 6, 2013
Colorado USA

Is it just me or do recent headlines read like the jacket blurb of a dystopian novel?

Like most people, I am following the gun control debate (more aptly named debacle) and monitoring closely what our lawmakers are saying and doing so you can imagine my Constitutionalist dismay when Colorado lawmakers released a package of bills just yesterday that propose among other things, a ban on ammunition magazines with a capacity of 10 rounds or more; creates strict liability for manufacturers, distributors and owners of so-called assault weapons; and requires background checks for all buyers.

Little red flags exclaiming WHAT! began waving in my head. Aside from the fact that I fail to see how limiting the number of rounds in a magazine or increasing the number of background checks will affect criminals who, it should go without saying, by nature never bother with the limitations or expectations of the law, it was this statement that got my attention: Create strict liability for manufacturers, distributors and owners of so-called assault weapons... I repeat. What! How does a lawmaker gain credibility by holding a law-abiding manufacturer, distributor, seller or owner of practically anything liable for the actions of an irresponsible person or criminal using that product with ill results? How does one make a suggestion like that and call it reasonable? I do not know the answer.

What I do know is this: 1) The words reason and credible can rarely be used with any accuracy in the same sentence as lawmaker. 2) The word revenue in relation to the word liable popped into my head immediately. Those two words often dance out of a lawmaker's mouth and seem to be ever intertwined.

Using this rather absurd mentality - it is not much of a stretch to make the following associations - make that guilt by association... if we can make gun manufacturers, distributors, sellers and owners liable for criminals using guns with ill intent then...

Heads UP! Automotive manufacturers, distributors, sellers and owners - you are next! If somebody kills someone while driving a vehicle - you are liable for their actions!

Heads UP! Smart phone manufacturers, distributors, sellers and owners - you are next! If somebody texts while driving and kills someone - you are liable for their actions!

Heads UP! Computer manufacturers, distributors, sellers and owners - you are next! If somebody uses a computer to commit a cyber crime against someone - you are liable for their actions!

Heads UP! Alcohol manufacturers, distributors, sellers and owners - you are next! If somebody drinks a beer and kills someone while under the influence - you are liable for their actions!

Heads UP! Kitchen/utility knife, baseball bat, golf club, fireplace poker, hammer, tire iron, screw driver, ice pick and 2x4 (just to name a few) manufacturers, distributors, sellers and owners - you are next! If somebody uses any or all of the above to commit a crime or injury to another person - you are liable for their actions!

Hmmm... here's a thought and/or perhaps a brief digression - if lawmakers create gun-free zones and people are killed by armed criminals in those gun-free zones because they cannot defend themselves - how about we hold the lawmakers who put those people in peril accountable for their deaths? While we are at it, how about we hold lawmakers who send our military and law enforcement personnel into harm's way accountable for their deaths? I am talking personally accountable.

I read a comment in an online discussion group not long ago where a person argued against the statement that anything can be used as an assault weapon. This person said it was not reasonable to say cars, cell phones and so on were as dangerous as guns. This person said cars and cell phones are not weapons of mass destruction. Excuse me! I didn't even have time to blink before a rebuttal (actually several) entered my mind. A car driven into a convenience store or fast food restaurant is a weapon of mass destruction. A car driven by an irresponsible driver plowing into a school bus or a van carrying a family of six is a weapon of mass destruction. A cell phone used to detonate a bomb is a weapon of mass destruction. A watch used to detonate a bomb is a weapon of mass destruction. A single match that ignites a forest fire is a weapon of mass destruction. And according to Homeland Security a single ballpoint pen or a pair of nail clippers (not to mention tin-foil underwear) is enough to bring down an airliner. Yep, you guessed it - a ballpoint pin and nail clippers are weapons of mass destruction.

I read another comment by a person who has apparently led a rather sheltered life who asked, why can't people just call law enforcement when they have a problem as opposed to using guns to defend themselves? Again, no blinking required. I just shook my head at how totally clueless people (let's call them victims) are these days. Seriously, and I mean no insult to law enforcement as I value the friendship of many who protect and serve... but when in anyone's mind did law enforcement become a preemptive rather than a reactionary force? I mean, it is rare to have a concurrence of crime and prevention of that crime - isn't it? Yep - that's a problem. I wanted to explain to little ms. clueless that the police are not going to stake out your house based on the presumption you might be the victim of theft or worse - nope - the odds are you are going to be robbed or raped or worse before law enforcement ever learns of the crime. If one is lucky enough to have the opportunity to dial 911 when coming face-to-face with criminal intent, it is possible law enforcement will arrive in time to save the day, but sadly - such a happy outcome is not guaranteed.

Personally, I am thinking if someone threatens the safety of me or mine - I am going to use whatever is handy to defend me or mine. I refuse to be a victim, especially at the behest of a lawmaker or politician who can command 24 hour protection. If that means turning a can of green beans into an assault weapon - well, so be it and my apologies to the Jolly Green Giant if some lame-brain lawmaker holds your company accountable for my actions.

I saw a person make a statement on a national news broadcast from a gun rally. She said in what I suspect was her best give the world a hug voice, people need to learn that there are ways to get along in this world without resorting to violence. I confess the phrase you first popped into my head just before I fell out of my chair laughing. I have to wonder if Sesame Street is where she tunes in for the news of the day.

What is the most deplorable aspect of this particular announcement is lawmakers and politicians seizing on the limelight media attention of recent tragic events to further their careers, political agendas, and public notoriety. They should be ashamed! I think most of us want to believe these lawmakers are acting on our behalf and out of concern for our safety and the common good. That's sort of like believing in selective truth. Truth does not require translation - it is what it is. Gun control is not a misnomer - it is about control - not safety. I do not know how a lawmaker can look a person in the eye and say if you stand behind me with your loved one's photo plainly visible I will make certain with these new laws this type of tragedy does not happen again. Despicable!

Like the rest of our nation, I grieve for the loss of innocents to mindless criminality... but, (and I won't make any friends with this statement) hard as it may sound - making an innocent, law-abiding citizen arbitrarily accountable for the actions of a criminal is the same as making a parent accountable for putting their children in a situation that seemed safe but inevitably and tragically was not - safe.

Making law-abiding gun owners responsible for the actions of a person using a gun for criminal purpose is the same as making all vehicle owners resposible for irresponsible drivers, is the same as making all cell phone users responsible for terrorists who use cell phones as detonators, is the same as making every computer user guilty of a cyber crime, is the same as making every husband as guilty as the husband who beats his wife and is the same as making every parent responsible for a parent who abuses a child. It is arbitrary and it is the same. We are human. Most of us are good people, but evil walks among us and try as we might for centuries upon centuries we rarely know its name nor when or where it will show itself.

The right of a gun owner to keep and bear arms is specifically and unquestionably protected by the law of the land known as the Bill of Rights. Car owners, cell phone users, beer drinkers - and all Americans have only to look to the simple statement in America's Declaration of Independence for the rights afforded to them: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Some people love guns. Some people love cars. Some people love cell phones. Does it have to be argued that the pursuit of happiness is afforded to one and all no matter what form it [happiness] assumes?

Despite what some people read into it, Freedom is not and never has been free. True, there are people who enjoy freedom without ever considering its cost the same as some enjoy entitlements without ever recognizing the source of their welfare. Freedom is the product of sweat, blood, tears and is ever in peril. Freedom is not a right. Freedom is a legacy. Our legacy. May we ever preserve it for posterity.

Finally, justice is not served by depriving a law-abiding citizen the joy of gun ownership (ie: the right to keep and bear arms) because a gun in the hands of a criminal has caused someone injury and loss.

Footnote: I am over 50 years old. I have never held a gun in my hand with the intent to use it in my life. But, I will never willingly sacrifice the right to keep and bear arms to appease anyone, much less a lawmaker or politician. I would like to thank the lawmakers of the United States Government and the State of Colorado for making it clear to me that this is an issue for which I must and will make a stand.

I stand on the side of the Second Ammendment. Any questions?

Respectfully yours in unfailing allegiance to the USA,
Dissident Daughter
Because: Silence is the most insideous form of consent

Source: The Colorado Observer - Dems Unveil Gun Control Bills - 02/06/2013

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