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Do NOT send your daughters to Colorado

February 19, 2013
Colorado USA

A moment please - while I throw my petticoats over my head and have an attack of the vapors...

Read the title of this post again. That's right - I say if you value your daughter's life, well-being, self respect and self esteem I repeat - do not send them to Colorado. Especially do not send them to Colorado for a higher education. Why? Because higher education in Colorado for women will have more to do with pot (it's sorta legal here now) than potential. The legality of pot in Colorado is perceived as progressive - the legality of firearms and using them for self defense - not so much.

I say Colorado but I am actually referencing metropolitan Colorado (Denver, Colorado Springs and so on) as well as other metropolitan cities across the USA.

I digress, this post is not about pot or gun control as much as it is about lawmakers advising our youth to cower and be conquered. I am not a women's libber, never have been. I never felt I needed to be liberated. No, I was raised to stand on my own two feet and be accountable for my actions and personally responsible for my personal well-being.

No matter how progressive the talk - if lawmakers have their way Colorado women will shortly be wearing bonnets and pinafores and pantaloons, corsets and crinolines and chastity belts. Ask your daughter - right now - if she knows what any of those items are and if she knows what that statement (no, let's call it a warning) means. Ask your daughter if she would like to visit her great-great-great grandmother's world where her gender had no rights, no property and no vote and were viewed as a sub-species (not quite slave - not quite plow horse - more brood mare than anything else). Rather than applauding a daughter who stands on her own two feet our lawmakers advise they cringe in the face of a threat. Ask yourself if you raised your daughter to depend on anything other than herself (and perhaps the grace of providence) to get by in this world. If you did, you best marry her off now and I would choose a troglodyte politician who has armed security (compliments of the tax payers) as her mate.

Colorado lawmakers have what can only be described as a chastity belt rape deterrent mentality. For the record, they must be wearing that pesky archaic apparatus on their heads and have cinched it a bit tight. It should be duly noted that your sons will not be safe here either because no one (not even those with concealed handgun permits who might stand between your precious offspring and harm) will be allowed to carry now on all campuses. According to Colorado lawmakers none of the citizenry especially women are capable of making a judgement call regarding their own safety. No - we dainty little things are all running around in high heels, waving our hankies in a feminine dither shooting people who probably were just reaching out to give us a big ol cuddly bear hug - coochy-coochy-coo.

We send our overgrown children out into the big, bad, world in the hopes they will become productive, upstanding adults and citizens only to deprive them the knowledge and wherewithal to conduct themselves and protect themselves in adult fashion. In the near future, when your daughter or son cross the Colorado state line the word VICTIM will be stamped across their forehead. Why? Because Colorado lawmakers make light of real and tangible threats while pointing us to call boxes and safe zones and so on.

In response to ever-rising attacks on our young women and in direct defiance of the outcry from gun advocates not to disarm our campuses nameless numb skulls (well, we can name a couple -----> Dem. Rep. Joe "chill-out-and-blow-a-whistle" Salazar and Dem. Sen. Jessie "grab-an-assault-pen" Ulibarri and UC "pee-your-panties" CS) have offered the following solutions for young women facing an assailant. I would be ashamed to offer the following lame, limp noodle advice to my daughter - how about you?
From the UCCS University of Colorado at Colorado Springs web site:

What To Do If You Are Attacked

These tips are designed to help you protect yourself on campus, in town, at your home, or while you travel. These are preventative tips and are designed to instruct you in crime prevention tactics.

1. Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself.
2. Your instinct may be to scream, go ahead! It may startle your attacker and give you an opportunity to run away.
3. Kick off your shoes if you have time and can't run in them.
4. Don't take time to look back; just get away.
5. If your life is in danger, passive resistance may be your best defense.
6. Tell your attacker that you have a disease or are menstruating.
7. Vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone.
8. Yelling, hitting or biting may give you a chance to escape, do it!
9. Understand that some actions on your part might lead to more harm.
10. Remember, every emergency situation is different.

Only you can decide which action is most appropriate.
Sure, it is reasonable to caution our daughters if robbery (not rape) is the intent - and they can somehow determine (through ESP I guess) robbery is the sole intent, hand over the money, the jewelry, the electronics or the keys to the car. And hope that's all the criminal desires. Otherwise, they have two choices 1) be a victim and hope the criminal leaves them with what's left of a damaged life or 2) fight and fight hard in the hope of a better outcome. Sure, pepper spray and mealy-mouthed protest may work but I still say something that goes boom (dare I mention the g-word?) would be a far more effective deterrent.

I confess I saw red when I heard Salazar talk about call boxes (BTW apology not accepted) and more red when I heard Ulibarri talk about ball point pens. And Representative Rhonda Fields doesn't bother much with gun control or restrictions - she calls for an outright ban on assault weapons (and she is not stopping there) - better hide your pens.

Salazar - “It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles. Because you just don’t know who you’re going to be shooting at... and you don’t know if you feel like you’re going to be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop … pop a round at somebody.”

Ulibarri - "And so there are other ways to address violence and it doesn’t mean we have our kids exposed to a whole crossfire of multiple folks in a room shooting simultaneously. And that Congressman Giffords life was saved and so many others when very valiant folks stood up to defend themselves and protect themselves. And they did it with ballpoint pens."

Fields - “As a government, we cannot allow people to have assault weapons."

First of all, is it me or has articulate rhetoric in the first two comments all but left the building? Good grief.

Second, after surviving over 50 years on this earth I can honestly say not once in my life, when faced with adversity have I pissed my panties or decided the best line of defense was to gross-out a potential attacker. I do not know if this happens much but speaking for myself I do not cry, vomit, urinate, burp or fart much less menstruate on demand and I find the suggestion that I or any other woman employ any or all of the above as defense mechanisms reprehensible as well as sexist. I am fairly certain I could not sputter I am diseased without wincing. I am positive I would not say anything at all. I am positive I would just let the something that goes boom do the talking.

Third, I am not the least bit passive about my own well-being and the warning that some actions may lead to more harm is completely nonsensical. I do not know how fouling the air or pissing on a rapist's hush puppies is going to improve or negate a life-threatening, life altering circumstance. I heartily resent a lawmaker telling me how best to defend myself or inferring that I am too inept to use a gun or any other weapon outside of a ballpoint pen in a responsible manner. Here's a thought - the advice about assault pen usage says to attack when the attacker is reloading - ummmm - er - excuse me, if my attacker is reloading I have likely lost the opportunity to attack him with a pen. I am likely lying on the street with a body full of holes. Duh. Here's another thought - I have to ask in this day and age - who carries a ballpoint pen anyway and how many can find it at a moment's notice because IF I have one in my purse (and I hardly ever carry a purse) that sucker is rolling around in the bottom of said fashion accessory with my loose change, spare keys and my whistle with a tic-tac likely stuck to it. On the other hand, it is a heavy, well-made Harley-Davidson hand bag so if all else fails swinging it at a criminal's head would likely do more damage. I can guarantee I would find the thing that goes boom quicker.

I saw an interview with a democratic Colorado lawmaker a few days ago. (I am still looking for the clip.) She calls herself a woman. I will say upfront - the woman part is debatable as she (let's call her a worman - emphasis on the first syllable) in no way resembles the proud, independent, self-reliant sort of women with whom I associate. She said that most people (maybe she stressed women) would not be able to use a handgun in their own defense and that it was likely their own gun would be used against them. Agreed, it is possible that could happen... it could happen whether one is armed with a pen or a gun I am thinking. Irregardless, I fail to see how the decision to put up a fight in my own defense whether armed with a pen or a gun is anybody's decision but my own.

If you are a gun owner/user who has put in the time to get proficient in the use of a firearm that comment you-won't-be-able-to-defend-yourself-with-it has to piss you off. Because one of the first things you learn when you pick up a gun is if you cannot handle it - do not carry it - and certainly do not point it at anyone. In a handgun safety course, even the most inept are taught almost from the get-go this mentality if you need it, pull it, if you pull it, use it and if you do not intend to use it - again, you do not need to carry it.

Life presents the most interesting of challenges. Bad people exist and one is never certain when our paths might cross with such a one. What did Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) say in the Last Boyscout? Be prepared, son, that's my motto, be prepared. I say, Be prepared daughters...

Who knew that self defense would one day be more about removing political barriers than the criminal element from our line of sight?

Do not mistake the tone of this post. I could care less what some panty-waist lawmaker thinks is good for me. What is disturbing is the complete and utter lack of respect for women, for men and for the peaceful, law-abiding, citizenry of Colorado at large. I have said it before - I will say it again. Denver is not Colorado. Gun control is not about safety. Law-abiding gun owners are not mass murderers. The elitist, inarticulate, lack lustre personages who temporarily occupy our seats of power are out of touch, out of step, out of sync, and out of control -- for now. I trust we will add out of office to the list sooner rather than later.

I am not an indiscriminate gun advocate. I am a Constitulionist. I am a die-hard advocate of the Second Amendment, the Bill of Rights and all liberties afforded We the People by the first and foremost LAW of the land.

Respectfully yours in unfailing allegiance to the USA,
Dissident Daughter
Because: Silence is the most insideous form of consent

UPDATE: 02/20/2013 Michelle Malkin says (and I could not agree more): ...colleges and universities have become coddle industries. Big Nanny administrators oversee speech codes, segregated dorms, politically correct academic departments and designated “safe spaces” to protect students selectively from speech the left deems “hateful.” Instead of teaching students to defend their beliefs, American educators shield them from vigorous intellectual debate. As the erosion of intellectual self-defense goes, so goes the erosion of physical self-defense. Instead of encouraging autonomy, our higher institutions of learning stoke passivity and conflict-avoidance.
See: http://michellemalkin.com/2013/02/20/the-anti-choice-lefts-disarming-of-the-american-woman/

Michelle Malkin. com http://michellemalkin.com/2013/02/18/colorado-morons-want-to-leave-women-defenseless-vomiting-or-urinating-better-than-carrying-a-gun/

Red State.com http://www.redstate.com/dloesch/2013/02/18/colorado-democrat-women-dont-need-guns-if-they-feel-like-theyre-going-to-be-raped/

Revealing Politics.com http://revealingpolitics.com/blog/video/hes-got-a-gun-get-your-ballpoint-pens/

UCCS University of Colorado at Colorado Springs http://www.uccs.edu/pusafety/what-to-do-if-you-are-attacked-.html

Contact Jessie Ulibarri 200 E. Colfax Avenue, Room 339 Denver CO 80205
(303) 866-4857 office line (720) 446-VOTE campaign line
jessie.ulibarri.senate@state.co.us twitter.com/Jessie4CO facebook.com/JessieForColorado

Contact Jospeh Salazar State Representative – District 31
200 East Colfax Denver, CO 80203
Capitol Phone: 303-866-2918 E-Mail: joseph.salazar.house@state.co.us

Contact Rhonda Fields State Representative, HD 42
Due to the volatility of recent matters and the perception that any comment in opposition to this lawmaker's position on policy can be viewed as racist or threatening I am removing Rep Fields contact info from this post.
That info can be found at the following public link http://rhondafields.com/

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