Monday, June 6, 2011

A pervert is a pervert is a pervert - oh wait a minute - that was in the good ol' days...

June 6, 2011
Colorado, USA

TAR AND FEATHERS... OR RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL... OR MOUNTED ON A MULE ASSBACKWARDS AND BANISHED ACROSS THE DESERT FROM SOCIETY... There was something relevant about old-fashioned moral indignation that resolved Weineresque-type issues in a straight-up, no frills kind of old west justice...

Weiner the Wascally Whiner finally says "I haven't told the truth."
Translation: "I lied."

I gotta ask - is an internet pervert any less of a pervert because of his choice of outlet for that perversion? Is a digital photo somehow less damning? Does virtual proximity somehow excuse sordid behavior? Is a liar any less of a liar because of his political position? Does a mostly pathetic sorry-bout-dat in front of gawking, gobbling, gotta-run-a-sicko-story media make it OK? Why is behavior we would find objectionable and punishable in a 12 year old suddenly pardonable in an adult?

The integrity of Weiner the Whiner IS severely compromised and along with it the integrity of his office and social standing - do I really have to ask -- is this the sort of person we want representing our country?

The man should step down immediately. The man obviously has "issues" that need to be addressed. It is time this country demand the people holding seats of power in our government answer for aberrant behavior, off-color (oh me - is that racist?) remarks, ill-timed comments, foolish posts on social media websites and good grief (I can't believe I'm saying this about a sitting representative of our country) their titillating tweets. Not to mention the lies and deceit! And slander! No, I am thinking an apology (no matter how sincere in intent) is not going to cut it. There's more at stake here than a man's personal reputation...

It is necessary to the health and integrity of this nation that we hold our leaders to a higher standard of conduct or at least to the same standard of conduct under which most of us operate. C'mon! When was the last time you emailed a photo of yourself in your underwear or less to anyone?

I cannot hear the word politician (sitting or aspiring) without immediately associating the word -- SHAME -- or worse -- CONTEMPT --.

UPDATE 06/07/2011: The only thing more asinine than a congressman guilty (by his own admission) of lewd and dishonorable behavior is House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi calling for an ethics investigation. WTF!!!! Pelosi should have called for a resignation. The man has admitted he is a creep, he lied, he slandered, he exhibited immoral behavior - MORE THAN ONCE. He wasted tax payer's time and tested our patience beyond all reason. Now he intends to waste more tax payer time and tax payer money while some lame-brain committee confirms he is a creep - are we thinking a study of this aberrant behavior will reveal something other than creepiness? Bloomberg says forget-about-it - let the man do his job. I repeat WTF!!! Seriously! Christine Quinn says she feels badly for the man. I do not. It is not the tax payer's responsibility to grant forgiveness - that's between the man and his maker. The man made bad choices which reflect badly upon himself, has caused grievous hurt to his family and friends and brought dishonor to his office. Any other employer would have given him the boot immediately. Trump has it right - the man is a psycho - unfit for office. And he is not the only one. If Pelosi or Reid or any other person has any doubts about the man's ability to effectively serve the people of this country - they are guilty of the same ethics deficit as Weiner. And that has to be the biggest understatement I've made in a while.

UPDATE 03/16/2011 via USA Rep Anthony Weiner Resigns

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