Saturday, July 31, 2010

Presidential Lifestyle... who is he trying to impress?

July 31, 2010
Colorado, USA

Here's a novel idea, friends: Rather than bludgeon "rich" folks over the head with a pipe, liberals should celebrate their job creation. Please point me to the poor person who provided you with a job. You know it's those evil "rich" dudes who have the money, acumen, and risk temperament to create employment for the rest of us. Liberals endlessly excoriate the idea of "trickle-down" economics, blasting it as some scheme that just gets the very top wealthy while no one else prospers. The Left's idea is trickle-down, too, though. It just uses the brute force of government to command where the trickling down is going to occur. There's no such thing as bottom up prosperity. If you think there is, go to the very bottom of the bottom—your local smelly bum—and see how many jobs he can provide you and your family.
— Jason Mattera

Tax the Rich Cartoon

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