Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Break out the tar and feathers

June 30, 2010
Colorado, USA

This Stark-Raving-Lunatic is why our country is broken and overrun with law-breaking illegals and if any Murdering Minutemen (this is how Stark refers to concerned LEGAL citizens) feel inclined to reduce the political population by at least one - I can make a pretty sure bet who might line up in the cross-hairs at the voting booth - first. How could there be anyone out there insane enough to vote for this arrogant and woefully ignorant bastard. The man uttered fighting words and heaps insult after insult on the citizenry he was addressing... why would any constituency tolerate such blatant disregard and disrespect from a blowhard been-there-one-day-too-long politician?

Oh and one more thing: ANY mealy-mouth politician or bureaucrat that emphatically swears that our borders are secure, that alarmed citizens have no worries for their personal safety, that illegal immigrants and drug cartels pose no threat SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO MOVE WITH THEIR FAMILIES TO THE TEXAS ARIZONA BORDER TODAY. Let's see how long your property and your life and your damn ladder business lasts...

Representative Stark (CA-D): Our borders are quite secure.

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