Friday, May 14, 2010

Respect is not an entitlement

May 14, 2010
Colorado, USA

Charlie McMurtry, Archer City TX

Respect should be earned

I feel compelled to respond to Ms. Watson’s article of May 9 regarding the office of the President deserving respect. An implication is that Mr. Obama is also deserving of respect simply because he occupies that office. If I’m correct in that reading, I strongly disagree with her on that point. I argue that the office of the President of the United States warrants respect all right, but I believe that the individual in that office must earn the people’s respect. In my life, I have been in two positions, “offices” if you will, that warranted respect, one as a supervisor of men and the other as an educator. I’m not suggesting either position was nearly as important as the president of our country, because they were not. Even though each position warranted respect, I had to earn my co-workers’ respect in the former and my students’ respect in the latter. That respect was not an entitlement of either position, and I do not believe that Mr. Obama is entitled to our respect just because he is the president.

Ms. Watson asks why don’t the American people demand that everyone support and show respect to Mr. Obama as they have done in the past with some former presidents? I find it difficult to have respect for a man who travels the world apologizing for America’s behavior when we are, and have been, a country of freedoms, a country that time and again comes to the aid of other countries, and a country of opportunities for all our citizens for the duration of our existence. I have difficulty with his administration’s encroachment into the private sector of business against the majority’s desires. I have difficulty with his arrogance, his backroom deals, and this list could go on and on. If I were working for a company run by such a man, he would not have my respect either, and I would quit, so it is not about Obama. It is about people earning other people’s respect or they don’t; respect for the individual is not an entitlement of the position.

Source: Times Record News Letters to the Editor May 2010

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