Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How do you spell hypocrite? o-b-a-m-a

May 12, 2010
Colorado, USA

hyp·o·crite - [hip-uh-krit]
1.a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. 2.a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

Dissident Daughter I know I am not the only person heartily annoyed by yet another hypocritical statement made by the President. Worse, I heard a snippet from a speech and it took me all of two seconds for a direct rebuttal to come to mind. I did not have to research it. I simply went to The White, looked at Obama's recent speeches and voila!

Speaking to graduates in Hampton, Virginia Obama said:
[snip] So, allowing you to compete in the global economy is the first way your education can prepare you. But it can also prepare you as citizens. With so many voices clamoring for attention on blogs, on cable, on talk radio, it can be difficult, at times, to sift through it all; to know what to believe; to figure out who's telling the truth and who's not. Let's face it, even some of the craziest claims can quickly gain traction. I've had some experience with that myself.

Speaking to a crowd in Ottumwa, Iowa (commenting on the recent illegal immigration law enacted in Arizona) Obama said:
[snip] ...this law that just passed in Arizona -- which I think is a poorly conceived law -- (applause) -- you can try to make it really tough on people who look like they, “might be illegal immigrants.” One of the things that the law says is local officials are allowed to ask somebody who they have a suspicion might be an illegal immigrant for their papers. But you can imagine, if you are a Hispanic American in Arizona -- your great-grandparents may have been there before Arizona was even a state. But now, suddenly, if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to be harassed. That’s something that could potentially happen. That’s not the right way to go.

Agreed. The craziest claims can gain quick traction. The President blatantly and knowingly misrepresented the facts about the immigration law in Arizona. He intentionally distorted the facts. He talks about a truth meter in his speech to graduates on one day... and then pegs that meter when he spouts an untruth on another day.

FYI: The law which was misrepresented SB 1070 requires state and local police to determine the status of people if there is reasonable suspicion that they are illegal immigrants aliens. It orders law enforcement to arrest people who are unable to provide documentation proving they are in the country legally.

The law is similar to laws on the books in many states allowing law enforcement to ask any citizen (legal or not) for car registration, license and insurance documents during a routine traffic stop. (Granted, the penalty for being in this country illegally is somewhat stiffer than driving without insurance.) The law in most states allows any law enforcement official to demand your identification if you are disrupting the peace. Law enforcement can pull you over if they suspect you may be driving under the influence and once again, they can demand your identification. Even the liquor store clerk is required to ask for identification. Asking for identification is not a sign of prejudice -- it is asking for compliance with our laws. Just because one is of some ethnicity other than caucasian does not exempt one from complying with the law. If you are Irish or Swedish or Whateverish and your behavior is suspect, you better have ID buddy. Providing identification is a necessary evil in the USA... I do not like it sometimes but if you have ID, providing it to law enforcement officials should not be a problem. Should it? If you do not have it -- well, that is the gist of the problem, isn't it?

I, for one can appreciate this type of law as I was involved in a hit and run accident many years ago. I was hit by an illegal Mexican immigrant alien, driving a stolen vehicle. He escaped, disappeared and never faced the consequences of his actions. I want law enforcement to aggressively engage people breaking the law. Yes, I want law enforcement to take a hard look at anyone looking or acting suspicious in the ice cream store. The Arizona law does not allow law enforcement to accost people who are not breaking the law, although I might add, that if you are here illegally - you are breaking the law of the land. I do not care how long you have been here or how many generations of your family have been here. If you are not here legally - I repeat - you are breaking the law. Duh. There is a pathway to citizenship - stop whining and get busy with that.

But, I digress:

Reminder - his words - not mine: it can be difficult, at times, to sift through it all; to know what to believe; to figure out who's telling the truth and who's not. Let's face it, even some of the craziest claims can quickly gain traction. I've had some experience with that myself.

Do we really want to play the who told the biggest lies game? If you do - here's a good starting point. Obama Lies Directory

Engaging in truth talk - is an excellent, although from a political viewpoint somewhat novel idea. How about we start with that working from the top down?

The White, Remarks by the President at Ottumwa, Iowa Town Hall

The White, Remarks by the President at Hampton University Commencement

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