Saturday, April 24, 2010

The mantra is freedom...

April 24, 2010
Colorado, USA

Book excerpt:

The Founders did not give us a perfect system of government, but they did give us one that they intended would keep power diffused between the states and the federal government and further diffused within the federal government itself. And they gave us a document that recognized that our rights are natural, that is, they come from our humanity, thus from our Creator, not from the government. Ronald Reagan reminded us many times that we have the power to begin the world anew. I agree -- we should start with a government faithful to the Constitution, one whose mantra is freedom, not safety, one that acknowledges that the government is the servant, not the master.

The Constitution, as Justice Felix Frankfurter reminded his colleagues from time to time, was not written in order to right every wrong. It was not written to allow every federal do-gooder and busybody to impose his notion of clean living, safe working, or pure thinking on individuals. it was written to keep governmental power diffused, to restrain the government from interfering with the Natural Law, toward one solitary goal: the freedom of the individual to pursue happiness.
Note: This book (see source) is an eye-opener. I recommend this eye-opening and sometimes alarming read...

Source: The Constitution in Exile - How the Federal Government has Seized Power by Rewriting the Supreme Law of the Land, Judge Andrew P Napolitano, © 2006

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