Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spelling it out... Freedom or rather, the lack of it

March 27, 2010
Colorado, USA

Dissident Daughter Our Freedom. Individual Freedom. It is the ideology we take for granted every day as we go about the business of life. Freedom is about choice - nothing more.

Freedom is choice. Freedom is choosing a carrot over a candy bar and vice versa. Freedom is on the table. The government and a mob of uninvited guests just took a huge bite out of it. The mockster-in-chief does not have good table manners. He disdains the cook and the dishwasher and the patriot who sits at the head of the table. He stupefies our children with smug rhetoric and talks with his mouth full of lies. He pokes fun at our values while consuming our hard-earned offering. He offers a piece of our pie to the world without our permission. He was not raised like you and me. He does not believe what we believe. He thinks he knows better how we should live our lives and he has the power to force a poison pill down our throats. He is a greedy gobbler and a guzzler.

He is already in our schools teaching our children an alternative history with himself as the savior-of-the-world-in-chief. He tells them that parents and grandparents are clueless and stupid. He vilifies the founders of our nation and the law of the land. Soon he will be in our den 24/7 on Obama-TV (formerly known as ABC, CBS, NBC - CNN) on the only channels allowed by the Fairness Doctrine. He will be adjusting the thermostat in the hall. He will be in our garage where sits our POS Obama-Car beside the clunker pickup truck we cannot drive because we cannot afford $8 per gallon gasoline. He will pluck the flowers and vegetables from our gardens because he will mandate what you can grow and how much you can water them and who will enjoy and consume them. He will balance our checkbook and determine we owe more to some other person's welfare and education. He will test our children and dictate education that may or may not provide them with the skills to be what they aspire to be. Therefore, he will determine how our children prosper, if at all. He will count our heads and our bathrooms and determine our property would better suit another, larger family. Finally, he will look at our health in our senior years and determine our contribution, our history, our stories are no longer beneficial to society as a whole and will provide a sad... but, keep in mind, comfortable end to our lives.

It sounds like a really bad futuristic movie... but the erosion of our freedom is a heinous path to all of the above and more. Social Justice sounds on the surface like a really good thing. It is not. It is redistribution of wealth and property. It is theft of free speech and the open exchange of ideas and knowledge. It is the end of free enterprise, capitalism and prosperity. It is the end of America, once the greatest country on earth, as we know it. It is the death panel serving notice to Liberty that its existence is no longer required.

As O'Reilly writes in the closing of the following article, the lines are drawn - pick a side. If Freedom is more than just an overused and abused word in your mind, then arm yourself with the means to fight for it. I've got some ideas about how to do that... stay tuned. -- DD

The Freedom Factor
by Bill O'Reilly

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." -- Kris Kristofferson

The raging debate over Obamacare is not exactly all about health. It's really about freedom, or lack thereof. It's simple when you cut through all the overheated rhetoric: The anti-Obama folks believe the president is imposing a massive federal presence that will erode personal freedoms. The pro-Obama crew supports a huge federal apparatus to impose "social justice," believing that is the government's moral responsibility.

The personal freedom issue is pretty clear, as well. We have less of it today than we did this time last year. In an aggressive power grab, the feds now control the health care industry, and the IRS has increased its already enormous power, as it will enforce Obamacare mandates. In addition, your private medical records will no longer be private. They will be accessible by federal bureaucrats. If that doesn't make you queasy, nothing will.

And then there's higher education. The president wants the feds, not private lending institutions, to distribute college loans, and it looks like that will happen.

And then there's the banking industry. The Obama administration seeks tough oversight rules and wants to call major shots in the financial world. Federal regulation could strangle some banks and force most of them to do exactly what the government wants.

And then there's the energy industry. The president wants to mandate how private business consumes energy and to dish out financial punishment if federal rules are not followed. That's the cap-and-trade deal.

In addition to the direct intrusion on business and private behavior (through health insurance), the redistribution-of-wealth train is roaring toward its next destination. That would be a national sales tax like they have in Europe. The president well understands the huge debt that is piling up because of all the federal spending. He has to raise more money. Wealthy Americans are going to get hammered by income tax and capital gains hikes, but there are simply not enough rich folks to counter the red ink. So get ready for a proposed new tax on stuff you buy.

Even though everyone will pay the sales tax, there will be a variety of rebates for poor Americans so they will not suffer from the sales tax. The middle class will most likely bear the brunt of it. But it may not happen -- Democrats in Congress might well be voted out of power next November. That's one of the high stakes in the midterm election.

Not since the early days of the Vietnam War has there been such a stark divide between liberal and conservative Americans, between Republicans and Democrats. The battle lines are clearly drawn: individual freedom versus federal power. Take your pick.

Source:, The Freedom Factor

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