Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free Speech on the Interstate - Miss Me Yet?

February 11, 2010
Colorado, USA

Miss me Yet - Bush35W - near Wyoming, MN -- Yeah - it's for real and allegedly funded by a group of local business owners. The obvious interpretation is that it's a slap against President Obama and an implicit call for a return to Republican leadership, but some have suggested (I call it SPIN) that the intent may be more ironic, e.g., "If you think things are bad now, imagine what it would be like if George W. Bush was still President."

Miss Me Yet - ConstitutionI prefer this one... found on Michelle Malkin's blog, by "Reader W.E. Messamore came up with some new and improved “Miss Me Yet?” billboard.

I would like to see this one go up all over the USA!

Source: Michelle, A better “Miss Me Yet?” billboard

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