Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union Address 2010 or Kicking a Dead Donkey

January 28, 2010
Colorado, USA

As I said last night, after forcing myself to watch the State of the Union Address... Obama delivered a good "Save My A$$" speech. I never really appreciated teleprompter technology until Obama. He is a whiz of computer generated rhetoric - no question about it. Of course, while he likely exercised editorial privilege, Obama did not write this speech. I believe the credit goes to Rahm Emanuel (White House Chief of Staff). We can probably credit Obama with the lame attempts at humor because I am fairly certain Emanuel is decidedly lacking in that department. It's a speech only the idiots of Congress could applaud. And applaud they did, and clap themselves on the back, and jump up with those sticky, smug, made-for-the-camera kool-aid smiles. Holy-Moly! That was just too creepy for me, I had to fast forward through that part.

With that said, as I forced myself to read the transcript today, I realized Obama sounded like a desperate man grasping at the last straws of his integrity which is solely based on policies and an agenda the American people have soundly rejected. He just doesn't get it. The president spent almost an hour kicking a dead donkey (oh yeah - pun definitely intended) with a few mean-spirited tugs on the elephant's trunk.

Once again, the man came off as arrogant, patronizing, condescending and downright contemptible of the people (anyone) who criticize the administration. Obviously, we're simply not smart enough to know when we're being kicked under the rug. We the people are overwhelmed with cynicism and disappointment because we listen to Fox News. You know, I was mistaken - some parts of this speech were downright hysterical.

I resented the anti-bank, anti-Wall Street, anti-oil company, anti-big business, anti-rich people, anti-capitalist statements. I think the president believes if he trashes and taxes the people who create our middle-class jobs that he seems like he is in touch with us and we'll appreciate him in some sort of perverted, self-destructive fashion. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I resented re-visiting health care or reform or insurance - whatever. Did I mention dead donkey?

I laughed out loud at the president's ill-advised (and, apparently ill-informed) audacity when he scolded the Supreme Court for supporting FREE SPEECH. And, I cheered for Justice Alito's response. Not true. Who knew we could have a Wilson moment twice in the same year? Well, it wasn't quite a Wilson moment... What it was is our arrogant president disrespecting a Justice of the Supreme court in a venue where the president could say what he pleases without fear of debate or rebuttal. Coward. Totally unfair and unacceptable. I didn't think it was possible to think less of the president. I was wrong.

I took issue with the president revisiting the whole - this administration really is practicing a new kind of transparency - a new kind of accountability. I have one word here for the president - MUD.

It probably goes without saying but the president struggled through almost an hour without saying the B-word. But the president's favorite four letter word when playing the blame-game was there in spirit - oh yes, it (He) was.

The speech had its good parts - the parts that make you feel proud of our country, proud to be an American -- but I was already that, proud and proud. It's just that the delivery lacked sincerity and believability.

That's about it I guess... other than the president vaguely alluding to more government regulation, more government interference, more, more, more... of the same ol' tired - I know it's tough but we have to do it... whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not rhetoric. I could have done without that much exposure to the banal faces of Pelosi and Biden, but got a real hoot out of yawn-guy - that was Reid - wasn't it?

However, I noticed a glaring omission of mention - not a word for the VETERANS and SENIORS were only mentioned in passing.

State of the Union Address 2010 - Transcript

Oh and psssttt... Kids - hide the Oreos - Michelle is coming for them!

The president left us with a let's get back to work for the people then jetted off to play trains and continue his perpetual campaign in Florida after saying Congress needed to stop that [perpetual campaigning]. You show em how it's done Mr P!

I don't know why I bothered, but as I read the transcript I made a few notes. I've saved the transcript and my notes in a downloadable pdf file (link below)...

Click n Read or Print The State of the Union Address 2010 with My Brief Commentary

Source: White, State of the Union Address

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