Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sigh! I thought I was done with Christmas 2009... or Hang Hitler from the Highest Bough

January 5, 2010
Colorado, USA

Mao Christmas Orn What do Chairman Mao, a trans-gendered something or other and defacement of Mount Rushmore have in common?

After emerging from my usual holiday funk when I normally, if not somewhat reluctantly rejoin the world... what before my wondering eyes should appear??? An outrageous photo of The President and First Lady standing before the White House Christmas Tree adorned with the visage of Chairman Mao! And an ornament depicting an allegedly notorious drag queen and yet another ornament with Obama's face defacing a national monument. One has to wonder if Ahmadinejad, Hugo, Cho, Wen Jiabao, Che Guevara, the Castros, Reid, Biden, Jane Fonda (yikes!), Pelosi (double yikes!), and a few others were not hiding in the branches of the tree as well... hmmmm?

Now, Christmas trees in your home and my home are decorated as a means of personal expression. I decorate several trees in my home every year, each tree in a different theme, each in turn a reflection of some specific interest or collection, mood or whim. And, I'll allow that the Obama's should be allowed the same freedom as pertains to their own Christmas tree in their personal apartments. If they want to decorate a tree which reflects their own interests - say with miniature likenesses of every murderous dictator through out history, past, present and future - well, I won't say I wouldn't have a problem with it but, you know - it is their tree.

The Obama's have crossed a serious line here. Mr and Mrs O have removed all doubt and exhibited undeniable proof of what I feared was true all along. Despite their rank and high-falutin' education, their powerful position in the world, the tiresome elitist air they exude, and so on... They have NO TASTE and NO CLASS and NO RESPECT for anything remotely resembling the decency of this great country. They do not (I SAID DO NOT) represent me or anyone I know. Rag on the Bushes all you want... I had issues with President Bush and his administration, too. But, Laura Bush has more class in her pinky toe than Michelle Obama will ever dream of having. 'Nuff said.

The White House Christmas Tree is the National Christmas Tree! It should represent the United States of America and our American traditions. I think it goes without saying that not a single branch should be sullied with the likeness of any communist/socialist/marxist dictator or enemy of this country! C'mon - you might as well hang Hitler from the highest bough!

In the new and allegedly improved White House I guess traditional American Christmas icons would be considered blase...

You know what would have shown real class? How about ornaments depicting the great men and women who made this country what it is? George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Clara Barton, Abigail Adams, Susan B Anthony immediately come to mind with very little effort. How about ornaments depicting the soldiers who defend our liberties, past, present and future? How about ornaments bearing the great seal of this country and still others representing the USAF, Marines, Navy, Army and the Coast Guard? How about ornaments depicting law enforcement and firemen who have lost lives in the service of our citizenry? How about ornaments depicting the flag of the United States of America? How about ornaments depicting our national monuments - as is? How about paying tribute to American heroes, authors and poets? How about ornaments with great American quotations? If all else fails how about ornaments with images of the people - regular people - our people? The people of the United States of America - you know those people Obama signed on to serve and protect?

But no... once again the Obama's have failed the people of this country. Who in their right mind would hire the likes of Simon Doonan of Barney's New York to oversee the Christmas decorations for the White House? (Perhaps the same person who hired Rosanne Barr to sing the National Anthem?) Here's a thought... a shout out to rascally Simon... are ya listening? I think next year's project for a Barney's window dressing should be something depicting the President and Mrs O having a very merry UN-American Christmas with the likes of Mao and a trans-gendered something or other - under the National Christmas tree - are you up for it ol' boy? I am willing to bet you are... grin... Paybacks are hell - aren't they? 'Nother grin.

I sound surprised I guess. I am not. What I am - in a word then is: DISAPPOINTED.

Maybe next year long about Thanksgiving... Americans (every American) should send the White House a real Christmas ornament... one that represents our true traditions and values... American traditions and values - what do ya think?

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