Monday, November 9, 2009

Teabag Anti-Pelosi-Bama Government Extremist and proud of it

November 9, 2009
Colorado, USA

Teabag Anti-Pelosi-Bama Government Extremist and proud of it.

You gotta love the lack-luster creativity of knee-jerk, adolescent, government inspired labels. I do. Wanna know why? I support the First Amendment of the Constitution and every single, solitary word written in our founding documents by REAL MEN who had our new country's best interests at heart and not some secret, personal, delusional and tyrannical agenda for ego-maniacal control the likes of which I have never witnessed. Until now.

It is a deadly disease infecting Capitol Hills throughout this land - call it the H1N1-T epidemic of Washington. The only political souls in DC and seats of government elsewhere who are immune - are a few American Patriots - the few who have dared to make a stand for the will of the people, the few who are willing to stick their necks out to champion the integrity of this country first, the few who have voted their conscience and support the will of the people.

H1N1-T is lethal to liberty and freedom. The only effective innoculation - Dissent! T stands for Traitor.

Traitors, Barack and Nancy (I refuse to address them with MR or MS or the respect those titles imply if they insist on disrespecting me) and the other DC hooligans make to scold and call me extremist. That arrogantly officious scolding tone employed by this administration with a sneer when addressing their opposition just does not work for me. Wanna go a round or two with playground politics? I am up for it. You may be king of the hill for now Barack and Nancy may think she's queen of the swings - but you will not last... If history teaches us anything, vainglorious tyrants never last for long... Why? Because sooner or later they outlive their usefulness to those who put them in their more-or-less transient seat of power or someone beats them at musical chairs.

Let's see, the way this school kid word game works is you call me something and I call you something that is opposite and allegedly worse.

Call me extremist - I call you what - a conservative? A moderate? I am laughing. Really! Look it up. I'll just stick with deluded.
Call me radical - I call you superficial.
Call me angry - I call you dull.
See how it works?
Call me angry anti-government extremist - I can trump that in a single word. Traitor.

Yes, I said traitor. Barack and Nancy and the rest of the brain-washed-DC-bobble-heads swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States that begins with the concept WE THE PEOPLE which unless it has been redefined means ALL THE PEOPLE of the United States of America -- not just the part of the herd blindly following them over the cliff.

No where does the Constitution say WE THE GOVERNMENT. Traitorous members of this administration are destroying our beloved country minute-by-minute with a complete and utter disregard for principles this country was founded upon and contemptuous disrespect for citizens of the United States. There is nothing wrong with our Constitution or our Country or its People that a few pink slips and some Common Sense will not cure. Pink slips are coming - you can bet your Obama-Money on it.

You call me angry, disconnected, astro-turf, and yeah even an extremist but I'd advise caution calling me - anti-government thinly veiling the implication that I am anti-American. The only anti-Americans I see on a daily basis are the people populating Capitol Hill masquerading as we-know-what's-good-for-you-better-than-you-know elitist government officials. So, yeah I am anti-government.

I am anti-your government.

I am anti-Pelosi-Bama government.

One has to wonder why are you whining about a few, insignificant extremists --if we are merely a few angry, disconnected, disenfranchised, maladjusted, ineffective individuals seeking to undermine the country instead of a well-established, knowledgeable, informed, patriotic, motivated, political base. One has to wonder if you are so confidant that your plans are greater and better, if your way is the only right way -- why you fear what a few Tea Party Patriots may expose?

Or, is it possible you sing-song of sticks and stones and breaking bones, but voting booths - oh my! Nobody promised you [politicians] a rose garden - leading this country is a job, doing it well is what commands respect. I (oh let's call me one of that rascally, we the people, tea party crowd) am not pleased with your performance. I have the right to state my dissent as loudly and as often as I please. Do you really believe you can dismiss me or deter me from my course with mere snide remarks made to in-your-pocket-mainstream-media-roadies?

I exist.
I am talking.
I am writing.
I am making notes and I will share them.
I am telling on you nanananananaaaaaaaaaaa and sticking out my tongue.
So much the worse for you - I vote.
So there!

First Amendment

Listen up, Washington. I, for one, demand you start doing a better job - your real job. I know you don't have a clue what that is so, here's a suggestion. Let's start with doing something to aide our troops in their mission. Now. I know you don't have a clue what that mission is either. So, let me explain it in remedial terms, their mission is to protect your pompous, inconsequential, indolent butts so you can do your job - badly. Then, maybe you might want to listen to a few dissenters so you can really get an idea of what the people you represent think of you and the job you are doing in Washington - badly. If I had the word incumbent following my political persuasion on a ballot in 2010 - I'd be worried.

Respect is something you earn - not something you buy, not something you dictate or legislate. Just because some spineless people have lots of special interest money and teleprompters and a bunch of media-slaves does not mean their message will resonate across the land any better or ring any truer.

Please be advised: I will remain an anti-Pelosi-Bama government extremist until you show me something I can respect.

Attention: All non-representing representatives - whether you feel the pull of Nancy's silken leash or not - you gotta come home sometime.

Come on down from your high-brow podium, meet me in the school yard, look me in the eye and say it [call me anti-American, anti-government extremist) again. Say it to my face - you cowards. C'mon - I double-dog dare ya!

Following last Tuesday’s election, the last thing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wanted to do was allow Members of Congress to go home and talk to their constituents about the $2.6 trillion health care bill she was marshaling through Congress. The centerpiece of Pelosi’s trap and pressure campaign was a Saturday address by President Barack Obama in the Cannon Office Building, where Obama warned Democrats: “Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit [Democratic voters] and it will encourage the extremists.”

Source: Who is the President Calling “Extremist?

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