Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nancy didn't get the memo - we are not exchanging gifts this year

November 12, 2009
Colorado, USA

This is probably the best and most horrifying example to date of the glaringly elitist, out-of-touch, blathering stupidity running rampant in the halls of the White House and Congress. And yet another misuse of a word (in this instance, the word PRESENT implying GIFT) that has to have Webster erupting out of his grave. I know it had me on my feet swearing and stomping around in front of the TV. Apparently Nancy doesn't have a clue what the word - present - really means or how Christmas works in the rest of the world. Nancy is dumber than the Queen of Dumb Obama-Money woman in Detroit if she thinks we are buying into that sleigh full of BS!

Here's what Nancy (aka House Scrooge -uh - Speaker Nancy Pelosi) says about the big ol' lump of coal labeled the Health Care Bill: I'm hopeful that we will have a bill as a Christmas present for the American people.

Are you freekin' kidding me? How loudly does this speak to what the administration really thinks of our [we the people] mentality? Do they really think because they wrap the word bill as a present that we will be so pleased with the gesture we won't notice it is a bill? Seriously?

Most of us have handed our kids cash or a credit card to buy presents for the spouse or Grandma and Grandpa or maybe their siblings and even ourselves for Christmas. Wink-Wink. Most of us know by doing so that the bill that comes due in January is a bill we will pay for our own present on behalf of our children.

HELLO NANCY! Picture me knock-knock-knocking on the hollow chamber of her pointy little head... A present is not really a present if you have to pay for it yourself! Get it? But! If you really want to exchange presents, Nancy - please check your stocking for the statement of the pay-off on our Harley-Davidson. That's at the top of our Christmas list. Please pay in full - asap - no return receipt required. Golly Gee - thanks eversomuch - wink-wink.

First Obama-Money and now the Gift of a Health Care Bill worth trillions of dollars. With all due respect, Nancy Dear - while your thoughtfulness and generosity is appreciated I cannot accept this extravagant gift.

I guess Nancy didn't get the memo - word has gone out in our family, we are not exchanging gifts among adults this year and kids will have to make do with less than they usually do. Why? Unlike this administration, we know we simply cannot afford it. And, also unlike this administration - we know when we have run out of money - even other people's money.

Source: Neil Cavuto, Fox news Some "Christmas Present"


  1. That's not exactly the kind of present i was looking for. I just received word from my office on our group insurance. When the bill goes through, insurance for my office will go so sky high that the company won't be able to afford to keep it. To the tune of $150K more a year on top of what is already paid. I'm told that when it goes up, it will force my office to drop our group coverage and go to the "government" plan. So the great insurance as I know it, will go to the way side. I'm not sure what kind of a gift that is. We all work really hard to provide for our employees the best possible benefits on the market, only to have the government screw it up and take it away from us.

    I can't put to words how angry it makes me . . . by I can say that none of those folks in favor of this presnet will be getting my vote. The problem is once it goes into effect, there is no undoing it. It will unilaterally screw up health care as we know it. So everyone better hold onto their good health and hope illness doesn't strike. It's only a matter of time before the whole system (healtcare and drugs) will come burning down. Then, I guess we the tax payer will have to pay more to bail the doctors and pharmacy companies out just like we did the banks and car dealerships. In the end, the tax payer will pay more and more . . . and get less.

  2. Bummer! We haven't got the official word yet but we are expecting much the same to happen on this end... and, at this stage of our life that is not a pretty picture.

    I can't say it often or enough. Get proactive. Write or call or email your senators NOW. Put them on notice - vote for this - no vote for you in 2010.


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