Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Because SILENCE is the most insidious form of consent

November 3, 2009
Colorado USA

FYI: Photos are now posted below... also posted are links to YouTube videos of the speeches...

Gone to a Tea Party

New Tea Party Slogan/Signs to Download and Print
Tea Party Slogans 21-25
Get BEHIND Our Troops or Get in FRONT of Them
Our Beloved COUNTRY Deserves Better
Listen Now or You Will Pay the Price for Change
Incumbents BEWARE 2010
Resign from the Herd THINK for Yourself

What a blast! Speakers and entertainers included: Deborah Johns, Mark Williams, Lloyd Marcus, Rivoli Revue, Diana Nagy, Amy Kremer, Kenneth Gladney, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber and more. Woo-Hoo!

Kay Rivoli and Me I met both Kay and Ron of the Rivoli Revue (Press One for English, Big Fat No, A Bailout Song, U.S.S. of A., Freedom's Not Free and Memorial Day). They autographed a photo and a DVD for me and I caught Kay just as she was boarding the bus and got a photo with her. Fun!

Here is a slide show of the Tea Party Express Rally. Most of the pics were taken facing the sun so they are not of the best quality, but who cares - I had a Patriotic Blast. Video clips coming soon...

Tea Party Express - the remaining schedule is posted here - it is headed south and east
Rivoli Revue
Rivoli Revue perform A Big Fat No
Rivoli Revue perform A Bailout Song
Rivoli Revue perform U.S.S.of A
Lloyd Marcus
Lloyd Marcus performs Tea Party Anthem on
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Speech
Deborah Johns (Blue Star Mom)
Deborah Johns Speech
Diana Nagy
Joe the Plumber Speech
Kenneth Gladney Speech

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