Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Definitely not Ho-Hum

August 27, 2008
Colorado USA

Well, I have only this to say about Hillary's speech at the DNC last night... well done!

Perfect execution of a well-written, well ordered speech by a consummate politician...

I am not a Clinton fan by any stretch of the imagination but one has to admire both of them as top notch orators. Hillary had the crowd mesmerized after the first three sentences and by the end of her speech, I think she likely had a few O-Delegates second-guessing their decision.

Here's one thought about the success of the speech's intent, assuming that intent was all about Party Unity: If I were a Hillary supporter, still angry about Obama's rather precipitate nomination, I think despite her admirable efforts to swing loyal supporters in Obama's direction -- well, I think I would be even more pissed that she is not the chosen one.

I guess the question is now - will they or won't they?

Source: Transcript of speech

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