Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC HEADLINES say it all...

August 25, 2008
Colorado USA

Denver, CO: Just a few headlines from the news channels and papers in the area... beginning to sound a bit like the ten plagues of Egypt have descended upon us... smart people are steering well clear of Denver this week.

Part of Pepsi Center Flooded by Sprinkler System

The Pepsi Center is DNC Central

Suspicious Package Blown Up, Street Closed

Oh Boy! - This was near the Civic Center

No Mass Arrests as Unauthorized Protests Block Street

Traffic Delays Follow Protesters

Protesters Confront Fox News

Clinton Backers Cloud Obama Show

Protesters Collide with Police

"Rednecks" for Obama Make a Stand in Denver

Protesters Block Broadway & Lincoln

Protesters in Jail Clothes, Hoods March

Protesters Interrupt Pelosi Speech

2008 Majority Isn't Silent

Michelle Obama Tours Pepsi Center

I hope she had an umbrella.

Weapon Toting Man Arrested in Hotel Lobby

This yahoo is from Wyoming, of course

Biden Stops in 16th Street Mall

Tent State U. Now in Session

and... my personal favorite...

Code Pink Makes a Stink

first runner up...

Group Gathers to Protest Protesters

LOL! It's going to be one heck of a dog and pony donkey show this week in Denver. Add to all of the above, a man found dead in hotel with mother-lode of cyanide last week, mysterious white powder found in envelopes at McCain headquarters, tornadoes touching down yesterday where they are rarely seen, more tornado warnings today, traffic shut down on westbound I-70 for 5.5 hours this morning - no snow, 39 vehicles have their tires slashed in Broomfield, 8 of nine felons on the loose out of New Mexico, nut-cases like Ward Churchill roaming the streets, assorted ding-a-ling celebrity sightings and more. Plus thousands of bikers will be passing through for Thunder in the Rockies in Loveland, Colorado (north of Denver) at the end of the week... oh boy!

Nope, no frogs falling out of the sky... but depending upon how you view politicians, pseudo celebrities, rabble-rousers calling themselves protesters and news media from every corner of the earth -- well hey - it's early, yet.

What a hoot!

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