Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bills says: in two words - not much...

August 28, 2008
Colorado USA

America is a place of:

OK - Is it me or did we get a Clinton-esque spin on tired Obama rhetoric? Talk about needing a new direction! Did Ol' Bill seem sincere in the delivery of a speech where every other sentence began or ended with Barack Obama? Maybe if Bill says the name often enough he'll get over the fact that it is Barack Obama who will be holding court tonight at Invesco (Mile High) Stadium... not Hillery. Or maybe he had a quota of BO's dictated to him for this speech - who knows?

Barack Obama is...
Barack Obama can...
Barack Obama will...

Good Ol' Bill. Outside of a few uninspired verbal attacks on Bush and McCain and Republicans in general, all I heard were lots of pretty, uplifting words strung together rather poorly in clipped and far too frequent sound bites. His speech gave us nothing more than the same BS we've been stepping in for months. Bill Clinton is known for his oratory talent. This speech missed the mark by a mile or more. My conclusion is: his heart was not in it.

The rhetoric coming out of Dem-mouths is nothing extraordinary. I cannot figure the cause of all the hair-pulling and jumping about. Last I checked there was nothing wacky in the Denver water supply so from what fount flows the tears and cheers of Obamarites? Perhaps it could be said the O-crowd is simply hard-up for entertainment? Otherwise, why would we need a stage worthy of a rock star in the middle of a football field? All the analysis in the world cannot give weight to the mere use of keywords. Like so: America was founded on the premise of unity by people of vision. People who changed their lives in the hope of founding a better life for themselves and future generations. That promise is why we still have people coming across our borders in droves, some of them risking everything to be in the USA. So how bad can it be here?

Barack Obama did not discover America and he cannot make a new America in four years. I am not certain America needs an Extreme Makeover on the scale he prescribes but has yet to actually define. His exasperating play on the same old mandate makes it seem like the masses (that's you and me) are poor, befuddled and downtrodden. Let us remember Barack Obama is the one who said many of us are so bereft of dignity that we cling to our guns and religion and antipathy toward others because we have no other recourse.

That statement does not describe me or anyone I know. Does it describe you? Barack Obama's description of America is not the world I live in.

And about change, change, change... The White House is not OZ, Dorothy -- you can not click your ruby slippers three times and make the world go away if it is not to your liking. We are gonna need a little more magic than you can find in Glenda's bubble.

The literate masses (again, that's you and me) who can read between the lines need more than Ol' Bill's reluctant assurance that Barack Obama is our guy. Just for the record: BO is not my guy. Bill did not get around to the details of how and when and more importantly - how much hope and change are gonna cost us (you know, you and me).

Letu's hope (pun intended) we get more out of the man himself tonight before we are inclined to change (yep, intended) the channel.

Afterword: I said Barack Obama is not my guy. That doesn't mean John McCain is my guy. But, we only have two choices -- so my thinking is: I'll take old age and treachery and reality over the fantasy world of hope and change any day of the week.

See the speeches again here:
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