Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The softer side of Michelle... Zzzzz....

August 26, 2008
Colorado USA

So, did you watch Michelle's speech at the last night? I sat through it, but not without squirming and hitting the pause button on the remote a few times to get up and rummage for snacks, magazines and even the exercise ball for my hand. NO, I do not suffer from ADD, I just had a hard time staying focused on what she was saying or not saying. My opinion - in a word then - SNORE!

Frankly, I expected more. Here we have this intelligent, educated, articulate, passionate, aggressive, and yes, powerful woman reduced to playing the sappy, happy home-maker card. Oh Pleeeeaaaaaase! She said all the things that she was told to say to make hubby O and herself more palatable to the conservative masses. Did you buy it?

As a person of the same gender, with a modicum of intellect -- I was mostly insulted by the softer side of Michelle.

Source: Transcript of the speech

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