Friday, February 15, 2008

About Berkeley California...

February 15, 2008
Colorado USA

Berkely says Marines are not welcome in their city. Berkeley, California. I don't have all that much to say about it. There's enough moaning and groaning, enough hair-pulling and jumping about, and more than enough media attention.

I do not like what anti-war-mongers in Berkeley California are saying... I do not like what they are saying anywhere, for that matter. I detest the idea of anyone in this country ragging on the armed forces. HOW DARE YOU?

The armed forces are the reason you can stand around on street corners (doesn't anybody have a job anymore?) spouting your idiotic, fascist and yes, IMHO treasonous ideas.

I am the first one to defend freedom of speech but speech is where it ends -- go ahead and protest the Marines, the war and whatever else you do not like about our government -- go ahead and have your little marches, burn your little flags at countless rallies, and wave your little inarticulate, poisonous signs, BUT do not whine when your actions (not your free speech) spur the government to reciprocate. Certain actions in Berkeley go well beyond expression of free speech. As a civic entity, the city of Berkeley California does not have the right to decide for the rest of their city or the country how we should feel about the war or the military or what we do or do not have access to concerning any or all of the above.

Your freedom of speech does not have the right
to dictate or restrict
access to unpopular ideas or information.

And while you're at it -- anti-Marine/Military citizens better pray Berkeley is not the victim of terrorist activity or a natural disaster... you know the sort that might require military intervention or assistance... because I am certain if I was the guy making that decision I would not make the call to save your collective sorry asses.

Furthermore, I think Berkeley California should be encouraged to secede from the Union and good riddance!


Source: You're not welcome in our city

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