Thursday, September 11, 2008

Patriot Day 2008

There are those, I know,
who will say that
the liberation of humanity,
the freedom of man and mind,
is nothing but a dream.
They are right.
It is the American dream.

-- Archibald MacLeish --

September 11, 2008
Fort Collins CO

Today, and every day I want to voice my sincere appreciation to all branches of our Armed Forces, at home and abroad as well as people in Law Enforcement, Firemen and anyone in the service of our country who maintain our liberty and security at great personal risk and sacrifice.
To my DAD and my husband, TIM who have served their country with honor and dignity, my special regards. Thank you for protecting that which we hold so dear. -V-

Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama Speech - Greaaat Expectations

August 29, 2008
Colorado USA

Did I say GreaaaAAAaaat Expectations? Yes, Tony the Tiger great. Did I say Extreme Makeover? Yes, I did... this is one job Ty, Ed and the crew could not handle.

Was the message new?

NO. Obama did not say one thing that we have not heard before, not just from the O-man himself but from every single politician looking to get elected or re-elected anywhere.

Did we learn about a new brand of politics?
NO. Evidently that new brand of politics where we don't engage in bashing the current administration or attacking our opponents is off the table.

Did we get specifics?
NO. We got more of the same lofty idealism we've been hearing for months with nothing we can sink our teeth into.

Did we hear a plan?
Yeah - generally - sort of - that's where I got great expectations and extreme makeover.

Sitting at home, watching the scene play out before you... it is so easy to buy into the popularity of the man and his message, the cheering crowds, the tears, the smiles, the fireworks and confetti, the back-slapping and hand shakes, until you remember that the 85,000 or so that filled Mile High Stadium last night were nearly ALL Democrats. They are already on board the O-Train... He didn't have to sway opinion in a mixed crowd. This crowd had already bought into whatever he's selling (whatever being the operative word here), all he had to do was reinforce what they already believe with inspiring rhetoric filled with a plethora of warm fuzzies. It is easy to look like a rock star when the venue is filled with people who adore you and apparently are ready to follow you blindly into the great unknown... because that's what Obama talked about - the fantasy world of hope and change aka the great unknown.

Let's say you were to take what he says seriously, believe in the promise of a New America... Just be practical for a minute... in order to even begin to do all that he proposes, he would have to clean house, literally, meaning wipe the Republican Party and probably a few Democrats and Independents as well off the face of the earth and convert the rest of the world into a congenial, moral society eager to have an American President stroke them into complacent decency.

Otherwise folks, it's gonna be a new face in the Oval Office and business as usual in Washington.

It's exhausting just reading what he thinks he can accomplish in four years... unless he manages to change his tenure as President... at one point he says he'll eliminate our dependency on foreign oil in ten years... a tall order for a four year term.

Here are a few promises Obama made...

Let me spell out exactly what that change would mean if I am President.

•Change means a tax code that doesn't reward the lobbyists who wrote it, but the American workers and small businesses who deserve it.

•I will stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas, and I will start giving them to companies that create good jobs right here in America.

•I'll eliminate capital gains taxes for the small businesses and start-ups that will create the high-wage, high-tech jobs of tomorrow.

•I will cut taxes -- cut taxes -- for 95 percent of all working families.

•I will set a clear goal as President: In 10 years, we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East.

•I will tap our natural gas reserves, invest in clean coal technology, and find ways to safely harness nuclear power.

•I'll help our auto companies re-tool, so that the fuel-efficient cars of the future are built right here in America.

•I'll make it easier for the American people to afford these new cars.

•I'll invest $150 billion over the next decade in affordable, renewable sources of energy -- wind power, and solar power, and the next generation of bio fuels -- an investment that will lead to new industries and 5 million new jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced.

•I'll invest in early childhood education.

•I'll recruit an army of new teachers, and pay them higher salaries, and give them more support.

•And we will keep our promise to every young American: If you commit to serving your community or our country, we will make sure you can afford a college education.

•If you have health care -- my plan will lower your premiums. If you don't, you'll be able to get the same kind of coverage that members of Congress give themselves.

•I will make certain those companies [insurance] stop discriminating against those who are sick and need care the most.

•Now, many of these plans will cost money, which is why I've laid out how I'll pay for every dime: by closing corporate loopholes and tax havens that don't help America grow.

•I will also go through the federal budget line by line, eliminating programs that no longer work and making the ones we do need work better and cost less.

•I will end this war in Iraq responsibly and finish the fight against Al Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

•I will rebuild our military to meet future conflicts, but I will also renew the tough, direct diplomacy that can prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and curb Russian aggression.

•I will build new partnerships to defeat the threats of the 21st century: terrorism and nuclear proliferation, poverty and genocide, climate change and disease.

•I will restore our moral standing so that America is once again that last, best hope for all who are called to the cause of freedom, who long for lives of peace, and who yearn for a better future.

Did I say TALL order? Especially that last one -- restore our moral standing -- hmmm... One has to wonder how you mandate morality among countries who do not recognize basic, human rights (like: LIFE). I don't have the energy to argue each point. I'd like to believe he can do it. I'd come more believing some of it IF instead of saying I have a plan he'd say let me spell out the plan.

I ask again... is there anything new here? Haven't we heard all of it before in one form or another? It would be greaaaaat if Obama could deliver even one of the above... or possibly reveal exactly how he proposes to do any of the above. OK - give me change I can believe in -- give me details. I need details.

Listening to planned oratory delivered in a contrived setting is sort of like surfing the internet... once you get past all the eye candy, well you gotta have content. Content. I need content.

Politicians have been promising to deliver us from ourselves and the evil politics of the opposing party since they first crawled out of the abyss. Apparently, none have been able to fulfill those promises. Because, here we have yet another one promising the very same thing.

The Democratic Campaign 2008, this far, aside from fireworks and confetti and pretty rhetoric delivered in a hugely extravagant venue that inconvenienced 75 percent of the population in Denver and travelers along Interstate 25 - did not deliver anything new. It was more of the same under a clear Colorado night sky.

Let's see what those Rascally Republicans have to say now...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bills says: in two words - not much...

August 28, 2008
Colorado USA

America is a place of:

OK - Is it me or did we get a Clinton-esque spin on tired Obama rhetoric? Talk about needing a new direction! Did Ol' Bill seem sincere in the delivery of a speech where every other sentence began or ended with Barack Obama? Maybe if Bill says the name often enough he'll get over the fact that it is Barack Obama who will be holding court tonight at Invesco (Mile High) Stadium... not Hillery. Or maybe he had a quota of BO's dictated to him for this speech - who knows?

Barack Obama is...
Barack Obama can...
Barack Obama will...

Good Ol' Bill. Outside of a few uninspired verbal attacks on Bush and McCain and Republicans in general, all I heard were lots of pretty, uplifting words strung together rather poorly in clipped and far too frequent sound bites. His speech gave us nothing more than the same BS we've been stepping in for months. Bill Clinton is known for his oratory talent. This speech missed the mark by a mile or more. My conclusion is: his heart was not in it.

The rhetoric coming out of Dem-mouths is nothing extraordinary. I cannot figure the cause of all the hair-pulling and jumping about. Last I checked there was nothing wacky in the Denver water supply so from what fount flows the tears and cheers of Obamarites? Perhaps it could be said the O-crowd is simply hard-up for entertainment? Otherwise, why would we need a stage worthy of a rock star in the middle of a football field? All the analysis in the world cannot give weight to the mere use of keywords. Like so: America was founded on the premise of unity by people of vision. People who changed their lives in the hope of founding a better life for themselves and future generations. That promise is why we still have people coming across our borders in droves, some of them risking everything to be in the USA. So how bad can it be here?

Barack Obama did not discover America and he cannot make a new America in four years. I am not certain America needs an Extreme Makeover on the scale he prescribes but has yet to actually define. His exasperating play on the same old mandate makes it seem like the masses (that's you and me) are poor, befuddled and downtrodden. Let us remember Barack Obama is the one who said many of us are so bereft of dignity that we cling to our guns and religion and antipathy toward others because we have no other recourse.

That statement does not describe me or anyone I know. Does it describe you? Barack Obama's description of America is not the world I live in.

And about change, change, change... The White House is not OZ, Dorothy -- you can not click your ruby slippers three times and make the world go away if it is not to your liking. We are gonna need a little more magic than you can find in Glenda's bubble.

The literate masses (again, that's you and me) who can read between the lines need more than Ol' Bill's reluctant assurance that Barack Obama is our guy. Just for the record: BO is not my guy. Bill did not get around to the details of how and when and more importantly - how much hope and change are gonna cost us (you know, you and me).

Letu's hope (pun intended) we get more out of the man himself tonight before we are inclined to change (yep, intended) the channel.

Afterword: I said Barack Obama is not my guy. That doesn't mean John McCain is my guy. But, we only have two choices -- so my thinking is: I'll take old age and treachery and reality over the fantasy world of hope and change any day of the week.

See the speeches again here:
Source: Transcript of speech

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Definitely not Ho-Hum

August 27, 2008
Colorado USA

Well, I have only this to say about Hillary's speech at the DNC last night... well done!

Perfect execution of a well-written, well ordered speech by a consummate politician...

I am not a Clinton fan by any stretch of the imagination but one has to admire both of them as top notch orators. Hillary had the crowd mesmerized after the first three sentences and by the end of her speech, I think she likely had a few O-Delegates second-guessing their decision.

Here's one thought about the success of the speech's intent, assuming that intent was all about Party Unity: If I were a Hillary supporter, still angry about Obama's rather precipitate nomination, I think despite her admirable efforts to swing loyal supporters in Obama's direction -- well, I think I would be even more pissed that she is not the chosen one.

I guess the question is now - will they or won't they?

Source: Transcript of speech

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The softer side of Michelle... Zzzzz....

August 26, 2008
Colorado USA

So, did you watch Michelle's speech at the last night? I sat through it, but not without squirming and hitting the pause button on the remote a few times to get up and rummage for snacks, magazines and even the exercise ball for my hand. NO, I do not suffer from ADD, I just had a hard time staying focused on what she was saying or not saying. My opinion - in a word then - SNORE!

Frankly, I expected more. Here we have this intelligent, educated, articulate, passionate, aggressive, and yes, powerful woman reduced to playing the sappy, happy home-maker card. Oh Pleeeeaaaaaase! She said all the things that she was told to say to make hubby O and herself more palatable to the conservative masses. Did you buy it?

As a person of the same gender, with a modicum of intellect -- I was mostly insulted by the softer side of Michelle.

Source: Transcript of the speech

Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC HEADLINES say it all...

August 25, 2008
Colorado USA

Denver, CO: Just a few headlines from the news channels and papers in the area... beginning to sound a bit like the ten plagues of Egypt have descended upon us... smart people are steering well clear of Denver this week.

Part of Pepsi Center Flooded by Sprinkler System

The Pepsi Center is DNC Central

Suspicious Package Blown Up, Street Closed

Oh Boy! - This was near the Civic Center

No Mass Arrests as Unauthorized Protests Block Street

Traffic Delays Follow Protesters

Protesters Confront Fox News

Clinton Backers Cloud Obama Show

Protesters Collide with Police

"Rednecks" for Obama Make a Stand in Denver

Protesters Block Broadway & Lincoln

Protesters in Jail Clothes, Hoods March

Protesters Interrupt Pelosi Speech

2008 Majority Isn't Silent

Michelle Obama Tours Pepsi Center

I hope she had an umbrella.

Weapon Toting Man Arrested in Hotel Lobby

This yahoo is from Wyoming, of course

Biden Stops in 16th Street Mall

Tent State U. Now in Session

and... my personal favorite...

Code Pink Makes a Stink

first runner up...

Group Gathers to Protest Protesters

LOL! It's going to be one heck of a dog and pony donkey show this week in Denver. Add to all of the above, a man found dead in hotel with mother-lode of cyanide last week, mysterious white powder found in envelopes at McCain headquarters, tornadoes touching down yesterday where they are rarely seen, more tornado warnings today, traffic shut down on westbound I-70 for 5.5 hours this morning - no snow, 39 vehicles have their tires slashed in Broomfield, 8 of nine felons on the loose out of New Mexico, nut-cases like Ward Churchill roaming the streets, assorted ding-a-ling celebrity sightings and more. Plus thousands of bikers will be passing through for Thunder in the Rockies in Loveland, Colorado (north of Denver) at the end of the week... oh boy!

Nope, no frogs falling out of the sky... but depending upon how you view politicians, pseudo celebrities, rabble-rousers calling themselves protesters and news media from every corner of the earth -- well hey - it's early, yet.

What a hoot!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day

May 23, 2008
Fort Collins, CO

Let us, then, at the time appointed, gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless mounds above them with choicest flowers of springtime; let us raise above them the dear old flag they saved from dishonor; let us in this solemn presence renew our pledges to aid and assist those whom they have left among us as sacred charges upon the Nation's gratitude, -- the soldier's and sailor's widow and orphan. -- General John A. Logan in his General Order No. 11 of May 5th, 1868, Decoration Day

I read a poem once that said basically this:

As freeborn children we should listen and see a new generation of soldiers paying the ultimate price on our behalf. We should not forget either the families and friends of those who have fallen in the service of our country. We cannot let ourselves be blind or deaf to sacrifice of increasingly unsung valor. We cannot become so immured to the reality of war that we fail to respect the soldier's reality. Let our hearts not be so jaded that we cannot feel the loss.

As we celebrate this day as we do so many holidays in the good ol' USA -- with picnics and beer, car races and concerts, flags and fireworks, let us pause in the revelry and with grateful hearts listen... let us rejoice that we live in the land of the free, let us renew our allegiance, let us proudly salute the stars and stripes and those who have so gloriously served it...

The poet said:

Let freedom scream in our ears and minds never forget those left behind.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Keeping it in the USA

April 30, 2008
Colorado USA

Which foreign country will you support with your tax stimulus money?

A friend of mine had a great idea. Keep that money in the USA. Spend it at a Yard Sale!

OR here's a thought folks - simply try looking for American Made Product. It is out there. Stimulating the American economy is all about making informed decisions. More importantly, where and how and with whom you choose to do business can make an impact on our economy. One of the main reasons Americans buy non-American product is because the peddlers of foreign wares make it so easy. We can't do much about the price of foreign oil or vehicles or athletic shoes or most electronics but we can use less foreign product. If all of us just make one conscientiously American purchase per week or at the very least refrain from making a non-American purchase - we can make a difference. Believe it. You don't have to change how you do things overnight. Just pick one product at a time you need or want. Do your homework. And choose American-Made!

I am only one, but still I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;
and because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do something that I can do.
-- Helen Keller --

Here are a few web sites pointing in the right direction.
Made in the USA - Made in USA Product Search Engine and Database. Products sold on the Internet Made in America. Your starting point for shopping the web for American made products. Find out why. Add your site for free. Learn about buying American made products.

Still Made in the USA - an on-line shopping resource for American-made products for the home and family

Buy American

U.S. Stuff - say YES to USA!

Made in the USA Forever

Made in the USA - Understand the Power of Patriotic Spending

Toys Made in America

Alliance for American Manufacturing

How to Buy American

All American Clothing Company

Made in the USA Magazine

John Ratzenberger's (aka Cliff from Cheers) Made in America on the Travel Channel

Here's a long list of All-American Goods listed by the Travel Channel, although a couple of them would bear closer inspection:

  • Here's a sample listing:

    Harley Davidson Motorcycles: William Harley and Arthur Davidson build a new motorcycle in 1903, the same year the Wrights successfully test their flying machine. The demand for Harleys and their many custom designs grows over the years to become one of the world's most recognizable brands.
  • Recipe for Success:Set up assembly lines where 100 people build motorcycles one kickstand, spoke, tire and custom chrome piece at time.
  • Ratz's Facts:Avg. time to build a Harley = 2 to 2 1/2 hours. The York, Penn. Harley plant is big enough to turn out a fleet of 747s. More than 3,000 men and women work round the clock to meet demand.
Here's a list of a few items that will make it easy to get started buying made in the USA: 3M Scotch Tape, Ball Mason Jars, Burt's Bees products, Campbell's Soup, Coca-Cola, Craftsman Tools, Dr Pepper, Frito-Lay, General Mills, Harley Davidson, Jack Daniels, John Deere, Kellogg's, Knotts Berry Farm, Kohler, Merle Normon cosmetics, National Cash Register, Oscar Meyer Weiners, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Pepsi, Rubbermaid, Serta, Shawnee Mills, Slinky Toys, Spam, Starbucks, Tillamook Cheese, Whitman's Chocolates, Yankee Candles, Zippo Lighters... Like I said -- easier than you think.

Oh, and here's another thought - if you are producing a product in the USA, be proud of it and advertise that product as such. People like me are looking for people like you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boosting the Economy... strategy by a little feller

March 13, 2008
Colorado USA

The check is in the mail or how are you spending your rebate check?

As you may have heard the Bush Administration will send each tax payer (at least those tax payers who have filed a tax return) a nice tax rebate this year. You may have received your Economic Stimulus Payment Notice from the I.R.S. The idea is: if the little feller spends his rebate on consumer goods -- it will stimulate the U.S. economy.

If we spend that money on socks or anything at WalMart, all the money will go to China. If we spend it on gasoline or other oil-related prouct it will all go to the the middle east.

How does that stimulate the American U.S. economy?

We need to keep that money here in America (U.S.)!

So the only way for the little feller to help stimulate the American (U.S.) Economy is:
  1. Buy Beer
  2. Indulge in Porn
  3. Hire a Prostitute
...since those are the only businesses still operating in the U.S.A.

Little Fellers Unite!

FYI: I follow America-American with U.S. because lest we forget, people north and south of our borders consider themselves American, too. America, technically speaking North America is: a continent not a country.

Thanks to friend Nancy for sharing this... I took a few liberties with the gist of it and while I was thinking about it came up with a few questions...

So will you squander your rebate check? Or squirrel it away - Uncle Sam Forbid! - for a rainy day? How much relief will $500-$600 provide in your economic situation? How close is it to a week's pay for the little feller? Just how many tanks of gas, gallons of milk, loaves of bread, jars of baby food, carts of groceries, steaks, packs of cigarettes, cases of beer will your rebate buy? Careful now - how many of those items are made here in the good ol U.S.A.?

Of course we're not supposed to save it. Or pay bills. Or pay off debt with it becuzzZZzzZZzz according to the experts, that won't stimulate the economy. I disagree. One might pay off or pay down the balance on a credit card and being typically American go out and charge that card up again. How many of us could actually pay off a credit card balance with it anyway? Will it pay your annual cable/internet/cell phone bill? How many times can you go out to eat on it? With the price of wheat/flour sky-rocketing, how many pizzas can you order?

What big ticket item can you buy with that rebate check? Forget it - you won't be able to afford the door knob at The Emperor's Club. It's not enough for a down payment on anything, it won't make a house payment for most of us, it might make a car payment and a half and given the price of gas, airline tickets and hotel rooms you're not going to get very far away for very long for a vacation unless you are bunking with your crazy ol' Aunt Biddy in Bohunkville. It might be enough for an attorney to consider filing your bankruptcy claim.

So I'm guessing the powers that be think we will buy small luxury items. Small being the operative word here... luxury being our middle name... OK. It will buy your kids a new bicycle or video game and maybe some new athletic shoes. It will buy a small stereo, decent sound system, DVD player, new cell phones for the family, really small HDTV, lawn mower, gas grill, or middle of the line appliance. It will buy a decent desktop computer but not a laptop with all the bells and whistles. It will buy an iPOD and a few tunes to go on it. It will buy the coveted hand held GPS navigator, that, for the life of me I cannot fathom the need for (that's another story). It might get you really good seats at a concert or sporting event provided you don't live too far away. It might pay your electric bill a couple of times (or if you live somewhere besides Texas, maybe three or four times). It might allow you to make a minor home improvement.

Failing all that, it might make a substantial donation to a charity of your choice. And, if you can't think of a single item to add to your pile of treasures - you can always contribute to a campaign fund. Duh! Maybe you can buy your way to Denver in August - the word is... the Democratic Convention will be a hoot this time around.

Now, think about it -- how far will that money go if you eliminate product made in a country other than the U.S.A.?

Only in America! The good ol' U.S.A! The government will send you a check to buy a new pretty and most of us will happily comply and turn a blind eye to the bottom line, both the country's and our own. Be grateful! And enjoy! And hope it doesn't come back to bite you on the butt...

'Nuff said...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Dull as Donuts Day aka 'Nother Super Tuesday

March 4, 2008
Colorado USA

Here we go again... or still. The same faces, the same dull rhetoric, the same endless speculation... who will quit, who will hang on, who just won't go away... does anyone really believe anything will be decided today?

For those of us who may not care to watch the hypnotic scroll of endless poll results, projections and predictions... I can offer a few slim alternatives for your viewing pleasure. Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium (Dustin Hoffman) is out on DVD ( I have a date to watch this one with friends tonight). Into the Wild (does not end well) is also out on DVD and Disney's 101 Dalmatians (yikes!). Too bad we have to wait another week to see No Country for Old Men. Pay-Per-View has a few more options (Michael Clayton, 3:10 to Yuma, a couple of sappy romances) but nothing to get excited about. Woo Hoo! Jericho has a new episode airing tonight but that's about it. I take that back - there's always hockey! Will Peter play - will he not. Now, there's a mystery for ya. GO AVS! Of course, there's always TWC and HGTV reruns. Ha! No, I will not consider mentioning AI in anything more than abbreviated form. You people (AI people) live in a world all your own where the quality of entertainment is apparently not why you watch. I don't know why you watch - I don't want to know why you watch. It's scary. What may be a more pertinent question is do you (AI people) vote -- I mean in real elections?

As for me, I'll watch a movie with friends, maybe some hockey and then finish the evening off with a book. Tomorrow morning is soon enough... to get the results of the primaries - and if tomorrow never comes -- well, we're saved that bit of grief. Yawn!

Friday, February 15, 2008

About Berkeley California...

February 15, 2008
Colorado USA

Berkely says Marines are not welcome in their city. Berkeley, California. I don't have all that much to say about it. There's enough moaning and groaning, enough hair-pulling and jumping about, and more than enough media attention.

I do not like what anti-war-mongers in Berkeley California are saying... I do not like what they are saying anywhere, for that matter. I detest the idea of anyone in this country ragging on the armed forces. HOW DARE YOU?

The armed forces are the reason you can stand around on street corners (doesn't anybody have a job anymore?) spouting your idiotic, fascist and yes, IMHO treasonous ideas.

I am the first one to defend freedom of speech but speech is where it ends -- go ahead and protest the Marines, the war and whatever else you do not like about our government -- go ahead and have your little marches, burn your little flags at countless rallies, and wave your little inarticulate, poisonous signs, BUT do not whine when your actions (not your free speech) spur the government to reciprocate. Certain actions in Berkeley go well beyond expression of free speech. As a civic entity, the city of Berkeley California does not have the right to decide for the rest of their city or the country how we should feel about the war or the military or what we do or do not have access to concerning any or all of the above.

Your freedom of speech does not have the right
to dictate or restrict
access to unpopular ideas or information.

And while you're at it -- anti-Marine/Military citizens better pray Berkeley is not the victim of terrorist activity or a natural disaster... you know the sort that might require military intervention or assistance... because I am certain if I was the guy making that decision I would not make the call to save your collective sorry asses.

Furthermore, I think Berkeley California should be encouraged to secede from the Union and good riddance!


Source: You're not welcome in our city

The four-letter word heard around the world

February 15, 2008
Colorado USA

Jane Fonda says a four letter word on National TV and everyone, I mean everyone is outraged.

Hello? It is Jane Fonda. Why are we surprised? A better question is: Why were we watching? Not me. I do not start my day with TV. Even if I were so inclined, I certainly would not tune in knowing that Jane Fonda was a scheduled to appear. I despise the woman. Geez! Was it a slow news day or something? Do the morning shows even bother with news anymore?

Here is the scoop: Jane Fonda used the C-word when host, Meredith Vieira host of NBC's Today Show asked Fonda about her appearance in a stage play -- The Vagina Monologues. This immensely popular, long running play (no, I do not know why) contains a segment entitled "Cunt". In her answer, the actress referred to the segment by name, making a joking reference to it.

In short, her answer and the use of the unfortunate word was in context even though intelligent life on this planet knows she said it -- well - because she is Jane Fonda, and she got the attention she likely knew it would inspire. Jane Fonda has never concerned herself with "good press" -- why would she start now? Did I mention I despise the woman?

Just so you know -- I would be the last person in the world to stand up and defend Jane Fonda. I agree the C-word, used in context or not is despicable but not any more so than dozens of other words we hear on TV every day, not to mention some of the subjects that are discussed rather openly. Are you monitoring your children's intake of soap operas, Oprah and Dr Phil?

I agree Jane Fonda should have watched her mouth. But, considering the source that is probably an unreasonable expectation.

What I do not agree with is, the cry throughout the land what if children were watching? Here's a thought: children of an age that might ask about the meaning of this word should be in school at this time of day -- should they not? And, if not -- is The Today Show appropriate viewing material for children whose parents are allegedly under the impression that children should never hear a four-letter word? I do not know, it has been a while since I tuned in to hear the prattle of fluffy-headed journalism (a term I use loosely here) but I thought The Today Show was geared toward adults. This is not the Cartoon Network folks.

I have to ask again -- why were you watching? I have to ask, would the world have sent up such an outcry if Oprah said the C-word? Maybe, but you know -- it's Oprah. How about Ellen? I think we can all guess the answer to that. I have to ask, are we really all that offended? Really now, did you think to be offended before or after offended became the thing to be in certain circles?

The word probably should not have aired, Ms. Vieira should have corrected her guest and apologized to her audience, immediately if it was a concern to her. You can bet the incident was discussed during the break. Perhaps NBC should have a built-in delay so that they have time to bleep their potty-mouth guests. Then again, do we have to white wash all adult programming so we cause no offense to little ears? Or big ears that apparently live in deaf defiance of the real world? We have squeaky clean channels geared toward people who like everything to be nice. Consider the Hallmark Channel and the Disney Channel and all those kiddy channels. You will not find Jane Fonda spouting obscenities on Sesame Street.

What the heck is going on? We want every entity in the world to censor what people say or do or write every day so we do not have to hear or see or read anything that might offend us. We want the government to police everything for us. We want somebody else to clean up music, movies, TV, journalism, video games, literature, the internet and more.

Here's a another thought: How about we censor content we do not want to see or hear or read all by our selves? How about we police our selves and our children? How about we take a little responsibility for our own lives? How about we stop asking everyone else to adjust to our needs and quietly make our own adjustments? If you really want to have an impact, show your dissatisfaction by voicing your objections to the network and its sponsors - hit them where it hurts - in the ol' money belt. We do not need government control here - we need self control.

If the Today Show or other adult programming is not right for you and your children -- change the bleepin' channel. I would strongly advise censoring Jane Fonda ALL the time.

Source: NBC News